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Possible pitstop bug

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Neil Gault, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Has anyone here had a problem with the pitstop where they request a pitstop, get the ok, go to pit and when they get there they are told to go without any of the highlighted requested work getting done?

    Hard to explain how it has been happening but it has happened in a couple of races i have been in (but never to myself) and only seems to occur when the pitmenu is brought up when on track and a request made through it but never when the dedicated pit request button is used instead.
  2. It happens when you only change the options in pit aswell. Happened to me yesterday, had a rear right puncture, asked them to change it, but they didn't! Grrr.

    Has happened on a couple of other occasions aswell.
  3. ok but how did you request the pit stop? was it by bringing up the pit menu or did you use the separate pit request button?
    It maybe makes no difference which way you do it but it would be handy to know when it is happening most.
  4. Twice it has happened when I requested the pit stop, and last night it happened without requesting a stop, and only altering the pit-menu in-pit.
  5. Just a wild guess, but could this be tied up with the setting you have for Autopit.
    I have just started playing around with this, and noticed that if you have Autopit on, you only have a short period of a few seconds to activate the pitstop requirements. If you dont select it fairly quickly after stopping, it refuses to do anything. However, if you have Autopit off, you have all the time you need to decide what to do and activate it.
  6. ok thanks but there are 2 ways to request a pit stop and i wondered if it was linked to any one way
  7. never thought on that one, will have to look into it.
  8. nice, warren - forgot about this option and pretty sure mine is on... don't get weird pit behaviour usually... but at the le mans race i was effectively ruined by it... twice i pitted and waited almost 2 minutes for them to get to work...
  9. Although sometimes I have spent 20-odd seconds deciding what to fix while stopped and it has fixed it no problem, whereas on other occasions it just refuses when I have spent less time!
  10. I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I think Simbin's Manual re Pitstop details in EVO is atrocious. I can't understand that they have added this great pitstop feature, and basically left everyone to figure out how it works.
  11. if you request it over the menue it wont do anythink i noticed but if you use the normal pit request button it works flawless
  12. I hope they've ironed it all out for STCC, where everybody has to pit!
  13. same feeling here as this what always do and have never had a problem yet but i also have autopit switched off so who knows how this problem is occurring but i do know it is wrecking some guys races so the sooner we find out why the better.
  14. oh yea sorry i forgot auto pit is off
  15. Exactly. I have auto pit turned off and I've never had a problem with the pits. The only time they've never fixed anything is when I forgot to setup the pitstop presets.

    I bind a key for the "pit in request" button and request it from the track while driving. I never request a pit from the menu - works every time.
  16. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    it happened to me at cadwell. looking at the time i lost i think it cost me a podium.
  17. yea i also do it manualy with a button binded and never have probs with pitting

    1.) turne of Autopit
    2.) bind a button for a Pit request
    3.) make a pre set

    with this you should be fine for a standart pit stop, if you have to do changes to your pre set like repair damage or +/- fuel or maybe tyers to wet do it with the menue after you have confirmed all optoins (marked then green) close the menue and order the Pit stop with the button you binded

    *important* if you order your pit stop over the menue your complete pitcrew will go to the next pub and will drinK the assigend amount of fuel in form of yummi Guinnes*
  18. The presets are a god send, I usally line up the one Im most likey to be using from the off then all I have to do is call for the stop and hit confirm as entering the pit.

    If I manange to do other things like damge I just add to as soon as its listed that way I know Im still ready for the pit.