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Possible Fanatec PWTS problem: Assistance required

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Marcus Meyrick, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Apologies chaps, this is a straight copy/paste from my post on iracing forums.. just looking for any advice so using a few forums.

    I need some assistance with my PWTS..

    I am not sure whether i am being paranoid or whether i have a problem. If anyone with a fanatec could assist i would be grateful.

    Practicing a Star Mazda at Suzuka in iRacing i noticed that my PWTS seemed "notchy" when steering left or right. FF effects seems fine however the actual steering does not.

    I seem to recall that my steering used to be absolutely smooth during direction changes, now the wheel feels almost like a Geared wheel rather than a belt driven wheel.

    It is most noticeable on gradually tightening or loosening turns such as Turn 1 Suzuka or the final right, left, right at Suzuka.

    My wheel settings are
    Sen: OFF
    FF: 100
    SHO: 100
    DRI: off
    ABS: 80

    all other settings off.

    I then tried it in Race and GTR2 and the wheel exhibits the same symptoms. I then tried it with the Ford GT at Suzuka in iRacing and again got the same symptoms.

    I must stress that FF effects seem fine in terms of feeling over/understeer and kerbs etc.. it is simply the steering that seems notchy.

    My FF in iRacing for the mazda is 9 but u tried higher and the problem is still present. With FF off the wheel is smooth.

    Can someone with a Fanatec try the above settings and car combo and see whether their wheel is absolutely smooth or exhibits any notchyness.


    *edit for video*

    This is a vid of my issue. This was recorded whilst driving the Centripedal circuit in a Star Mazda.. am i imagining it?

  2. ReDi

    Slightly Mad Studios

  3. Cheers ReDi.. i have just followed the process and submitted an email to them.. hopefully it will be resolved.
  4. Email reply from fanatec confirming there is a problem and confirming my wheel needs replacing.. All there is to do now is await instructions on what i need to do to get the replacement and what to do with the broken wheel.

    So far it appears that Fanatec have done a lot of work on their customer service and as long as you follow their requirements then things get resolved quickly..