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pop my iracing cherry!

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by xhydrok9x, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Hey guys! my name is Pedro I have been playing F1 2010 since the release date and i've enjoyed it so far. while looking at the forums on here i couldnt help but to wonder about iracing. well i finally did it! I want YOU to pop my cherry lol. What i mean is id love some tips on getting started from guys who went through what im about to go through. i have a thrustmaster RGT Clutch. i played the gran turismo series up till the 4th on and i've been doing ok in f1 2010 but im i know im not a good sim driver yet... i cant even do manual in f1 2010 so if you guys could steer me in the right way i would be forever grateful!
  2. Practice first. It may sound like a boring way to start but your rookie season but look at the series you want to enter (Rookie road?) and learn the tracks, perhaps even concentrate on just one. You need to be running clean laps as even putting a wheel off the road or spinning will cost you safety points when you race online. I can emphasize enough the importance of making sure you can run clean laps before goign online.

    Once you are online don't be too focused on the win. Of course you want to win but in your rookie season you will quickly gain your first license level just by being consistent and clean. Keep out of trouble and don't rush or do stupid lunges into corners that will get you incident points.
  3. Yep - practice is definitely the key. Example: I have bought the FW31 and have started turning laps in it two weeks ago. I haven't entered a single race yet but am still having the time of my life. I have instead run local practice and entered the online practice sessions to compare with the other drivers on track and still get a little 'competitive' satisfaction by trying to move up the timing screens.

    Once you're ready just race clean and race at your level. Don't let yourself be bullied off track by other drivers with bad attitudes who have forgotton all of the mistakes they made. Just race clean and don't jump into a race session if you haven't turned a single practice lap prior.

    One statement on chat that is likely to annoy people is the one where someone asks for a setup 3 minutes before the race.
  4. ok so on my first day i was finally able to put in a cleanish lap at laguna seca with the mx-5 roadster... how for am i from being ok? lol
  5. I judge myself being able to take on a race in a new track or new car (or both) by being able to successfully complete a time trial. At least then I know I can keep it on track for a bit...
  6. Mmm cleanish? how much 'ish' and how much 'clean' :) If you are happy to dive in then go for it but from experience I would concentrate on running a number of laps with some consistency in your lap times. A wheel off here and there will not hurt you too badly in your rookie season but if you can practice first your patience will be rewarded. The groundwork you put in now will pay dividends later on in your iRacing 'career' as points become harder to gain to get promoted.
  7. I agree with Eric, and Kevin. If you can't do a race length without being somewhat clean, then do yourself a favor and not race. Times trails are a nice tool. Don't be scared to race but be realistic, if you can't do it in practice then it will not happen in a race.
  8. well i didnt mean i wanted to race now.... i know ill need atleast a few weeks before doing so... just wanted to know what was a good time for laguna and if im ok at this lol
  9. just did 2 days with the mx5 on laguna (my first days with this simulator :D) and i find that:

    alien times 1'42'' - 1'43''
    fast 1'44''
    good pace 1'45''
    slow 1'46''
    very slow times over 1'47''

    is a nice car and easy to drive, but the most important thing for do a race is to have a solid pace without to many 1x...... for example yesterday i receive +0.55 on the safety rank after a race (i did only a 1x) and i gain also a position during the race (started bad from 6th and after t1 i was 11th on 12 cars on track and in the end of the race i was 5th) :D

    now i have enough SR for try to drive the SRF!!! :D
  10. The is SRF is nice, it will be a big change from the mx5.
  11. what is "SRF"?
  12. Spec Racer Ford, I presume.
  13. lol didn't know that yesterday was the day where if you are a rookie you can pass to a D class, so now i am a D class!!! ehheeh probably will skip in the skippy!!! :D eheheheh i like open whell
  14. one more day went by and i was able to get my time to 1:50. i was wondering though. whats the best way to learn the lines and the breaking points?
  15. The Skippy is probably as much fun as you'll have sim racing while fully clothed :) Its a fantastic little car, can feel a little tough to tame at first but the feeling is the closest to a modern day Grand Prix Legends as you'll find in my opinion.

    Use trackside objects as a reference for braking, a lot of real world drivers do.
  16. Search the forums and Youtube, plenty of the fastest drivers have posted replays of their hot laps. A great way to see which lines they take and at what speed!
  17. thanks alot guys! ill keep you updated on my progress and soon maybe ill see you guys on the track?
  18. did 1.46.340 today... i was pretty stoked lol