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Poor optimization....again?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by maxwelbr, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Watching GPU usage in game is astounding... in SLI mode i get terrible frames on even lowest settings and theres only slight improvement turning SLI OFF!?

    Getting about 35-45fps while racing, hovers around 58-62 in just the main menu using ~50% GPU just in the main menu (SLI off)

    EXACT same problem as f1 2010, frame rate is crap no matter what settings i use, how hard I push my hardware/overlock.

    I said to myself perhaps f1 2010 just had poor optimization and mayabe it will be fixed this time around (tried every fix possible for 2010, nothing worked)

    Is this game poorly optimized or are my computer specs just not good enough? Any other nvidia users out there having the same problem?

    Perhaps CPU bottleneck?
  2. I have 2 560Ti in sli and game runs great with ultra settings. What kinda cards are you using and what kinda cpu?
  3. idn why but the forum mustve eaten my post, i posted my specs before above? oh well here they are again

    intel q9550 2.83 quad-cire
    dual 9800GX2's
    4gig ddr3

    tells me cpu is running maybe 50%, gpu2 is maxed, ram is up there too.

    edit: also have latest nvidia drivers.

    Wierd thing is there is maybe only 2-5fps drop going from ultra-low to ultra high settings while racing. Almost seems capped.

    Ill experiment a bit more and update if anything fixes the problem.
  4. I have a gtx260M which is very similar to one 9800gt, and I'm getting around 29-35 FPS in game.

    I've got no multi sampling turned on
    crowds on low
    trees on ultra low
    drivers on low
    Particles on high
    shadows on low
    skidmarks on
    vehicle reflections on medium (although I've tried low and high and there was no noticable difference in FPS)
    post process set to low
    no track reflections

    and I have a little less than half your CPU, p8700 core2duo @ 2.53 ghz
    6 gigs of ddr3

    I pretty much always get atleast 30 fps in game which is playable and with vehicle reflections on medium the McLarens look ok so I'm fine with that. I do get some issues occasionally (even in career so I know it's not just lag online) where my frame rate will drop significantly* for 3 to even 10 or 15 seconds then go back to normal. Seems like a bottleneck of some sort

    *it's to the point where I just have to hope I don't run off the track or hit anyone else, especially on complicated corners with multiple apexes.

    I don't know what exactly is causing this however, because I've run an entire race at Monte Carlo with 23 AI drivers and had no hiccups at all. but occasionally when I'm by myself on say Istanbul Park I'll get some chop
  5. Oh and I noticed a HUGE performance increase when I set my resolution from 1600x900 (native res. on my laptop) to 1280x720
  6. I have to say I think the performance is much better this year, at least for me. I have only 260GTX but when I set my game to medium-high, I still get around 50 fps. And I think the game looks better than last year too.