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Poll for a long Champ, needed, IMHO

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alessandro Gamberini, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Hi ADMINS & drivers,
    I see that races organised for rFactor are many but with average subscription of 10 drivers, few despite the high number of site subscribers in constant growing
    this is certainly due to the fact there are races available for other sim but also because there is the habit to jump from mod to mod and this not always satisfy all drivers so leading to miss those few available men, IMHO :D

    I suggest to define a long champ with a poll in which choose between three open and three covered wheel mod, mods belonging to the RFCentral hall of fame just to prevent bugs and have different setups already available

    personally I prefer always to focus on one type of car at a time to be able to achieve acceptable results :pound:

    not necessarily have a single league for rF, depends on how many servers we have, it might make a champ for open and covered wheels
    to organize everything (server, full rank, contentions, videos, rules, etc.) I believe that finding volunteers will not be a problem :thumb:

    @DRIVERS: are you waiting for this ?
    @ADMINS: what do you think about ? is it possible ?

    Opinion and recommendations are needed asap just to define all for the next September, coming fast
    Don’t hate me if I’m too invasive but I like this site very much and just trying to give my support :becky:

    Last thing, I’ll translate to the Italian forum all communications relevant to a champ or important events in order to collect as many drivers as possible, please Moderators to the same for your language section :p

    Thanks folks !!
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Yoeri has made a long term planning for our leagues in the admin room, and to be honest i dont think there is time and workforce to implement another massive league at the moment, unless we get some serious backup of a new race director that can work on his own.

    But i agree we should defenitly investigate this option and a bit of RD promotion is always welcome ofcourse
  3. I've started getting more interested in rFactor recently myself. Don't know if this is what was meant, but I've been wondering if there's a way to showcase rFactor by having a single series with several races each of which has a single type of car. Then, several more races with the next type etc. For example, 3-4 races of sports cars, 3-4 races of open-wheel, 3-4 races of the next type (V8s?), etc... Or perhaps 6 races of one type and then 6 races of the next type. The downside to this is that you have to learn more cars which take more time, but it might have broader appeal. And, if you don't like a specific type of car, there's always the next leg. Depending on the type of the car I would also probably prefer a more focused approach, but I'm open...

    But, yes, time and resource is always an issue...

  4. you must take a look inside the RD staff and select the best one to do this job :thumb:
    i think we are here to race in the best way and a long champ is what we are looking for, waiting too much will cause a lack of subscription, imho
    champ and random race nights are the base for a group like our :wink:
    only champ can create an hard core because too many mods are funny but in long distance let tired anyone and fill the HD:pound:
  5. I for one have been waiting what seems an eternity for an rFactor league...

    ...and I think the above proposals sounds like a great idea...if there is enough man power for the job that is ;)
  6. me with some collegues of mine have made many GPL champs for about two years with a race each friday after lunch at company and training the other days
    the organization was not so difficult:
    1) one driver manager of the server (start, restart:pound:, replay etc)
    2) one driver keep the race result and write down the drivers rank
    3) one sometime have made good videos
    4) me (called Bernie:becky:) managing all above and act as judge on accidents
    5) all together choosing tracks
    finally we have made some particular sanctions to dump the hot drivers and defined many rules to respect company lunch times :D

    what i mean is that here we are many drivers interested in a league (about 12 subscribed at many RD races), we can sit around a virtual table and find a solution all together, is not simple but not impossible :p

    or there is something more complicated I do not know ?
    certainly leader of this group must be a RD senior member plus knowing well all hidden problems and the patience of us guys to accept any troubles
    everything must be done in friendship, as in friendship is donating what we can for the costs of the servers
    bye guys i trust in this group just borned :thumb:let's give you a try
  7. Finally.. I haven't attended many recent rF races from one simple reason - I really don't want to install&learn a completely different mod nearly every week. If you say starting a league is too difficult/demanding atm, I'm ok with that, but at the same moment we can choose one or two mods and run race nights with them.. Someone of us can keep the results from these races and we can have a league nevertheless ;-)
  8. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    Well, as it is right now the plans are that there are two big leagues a year: Touring Cars during the sping/summer months (RACE 07) and GT during autumn/winter months. These are our main focus.

    But of course we're open for interesting other project, like a nations cup and possibly something in rFactor as well.

    The Racing Club is getting reorganised, also for rFactor, covering one Open Wheel event and one Touring or Sports Car event per week. This should cover part of the needs.

    A competition in rFactor might be nice nonetheless be a good idea, however not on a regular basis like WTCC now and RDGTC in a few months. I would choose a competition with long intervals (once a month or once every two months) with 3-6 large and long events.

    We do have the server capacity.

    What did you have in mind?
  9. i was thinking a champ with rFactor with appointments every two weeks but long about a year, with the summer and christmaws stops it should be made of about 14 appointment (or at least 7:D)
    only one mod to decide through a poll, open wheel or covered

    i hunderstand that there are other sim so we must share resources but the definition of a champ must be done inside the beginnin of september or we might lose drivers ....

    about organization, if the RD staff can manage the servers some drivers can provide rank, movies etc, all in friendly way of corse :thumb:

    just a note, i'll be away for holiday from July 12th to 27th, i hope to find in hotel a free internet connection to give my support to this project

    bye and thanks for patience :D
  10. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    An every-oher-week championship a whole year long is a bit too long imho. That would round of at about 20 events. Considering the undeniable fact that participation rates drop during a season we would end with very few people, which isn't worth the effort.

    I think that in our first rFactor championship we should try to make it relatively short adn see if it's a success.

    I think we should try to make it something we're not already doing in RDGTC or the current RD WTCC. That's why I was coming up with the seeemingly strange idea's in my previous post.

    But keep it coming, because it sounds like we're going somewhere interesting.
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