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[Poll]F1 2012 Car Performance Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Kristian Nenov, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. I MAY be doing a mod with 2012 car performance. Now I'm having big problems in life, so if everything goes OK - I'll have time and I'll make it, but if everything goes worse - I won't make it soon enough.

    Firstly, I want to know if I should fix the slipstream effect. Now it removes 20% of the drag.
    Secondly, should I fix the overall drag coefficient. In F1 2011, the drag is very little and the cars accelerate way too fast.
    Thirdly, should I remove some of the front grip the cars have to get more realistic lap times? I'm thinking of using the McLaren and base all the cars around it but this will make them grippy just like now and we'll be able to do incredible lap times (just like now). I may base it on a different car (Williams or even a Virgin). It doesn't really matter that much on which car I base it because I can change everything, but I need to know what kind of grip you want the car to have.

    Let me know what you think of these and probably give me any ideas.

    I didn't know in which category to put this thread, so I didn't put it in Mods, but if it's wrong - please, move it.
  2. Hehe, I cant see the poll :) Might be better for you to list the options and see what people like.

    I would say how much time and work you wish to invest is up to you, but keep in mind that F1 2012 will be out in a little over 3 months and people will drop 2011 quicker than a red-headed step-child once that is released.
  3. 2.It's a Must we must Decrease the Drag as the car's won't go super quick on track like in F1 2011 or In 2011 Season
    3.If you remove Front grip the Brakes will get locked up and It makes the Late Breaking Hard for Users so if adjustable Decrease of Front grip can fix that.
  4. @Paul Lock
    Well, too bad I can't add a poll now. I have to make a new thread and the moderators will rape me if I do.

    Anyways, probably if you write which team should be the fastest, slower, slower till the slowest in your opinion will help me too.
  5. Oh, and another thing. The Ferrari for example is improving since Melbourne. Should I make the car better at the next tracks or make it feel the same everywhere?
  6. Make it Improving
    Like Struggling to go into Q3 for Races 1,2,3 and Both Cars in Q3 from 4
  7. Also we Must make Sauber Quick in Malaysia and China
  8. You're looking at it in a wrong direction. Why involving the AI here? We should make the cars first - then tweak the AI for the cars. Not tweak the cars for the AI. Don't think of Q3 and such stuff.
  9. ok
  10. I did a little more touches, downed the time a few tenths more and I made a few laps of a race. It feels awesome! Nothing compared to the 'reduce grip' method!

  11. what exactly did you edit so far ?
  12. Quite a lot of things. I don't remember anymore what exactly.. But I changed a lot of things.
  13. must say Aero, reduced downforce, Small change in grip of car rather than surface and so on
  14. mm yes and increased car drag, decreased slipstream effect and such things.. but I don't remember which lines exactly.
  15. when do you plan on releasing it ? for me personally a combination between f1 2010 (more downforce in fast corners) and f1 2011 (lower downforce in slow corners) would be the optimum! so that you have to be careful when starting to accelerate but can floor it when you are at a high speed!
  16. Well, I don't know how I can make this. I've made it not to slide around like in F1 2011. In the original game the car feels soooo bad. I've fixed that. As for the release date - I worked on it only once. I'll be probably starting to work seriously on it July. So if I start at 2nd or 3rd July, it will be probably ready around the half of the month.