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Please help!!!

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by russvox, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. First my steering went down which has now resolved but now it retires me after EVERY stage of a championship rally!

    Please someone help as this game is driving me insane!!!! I haven't touched a bloody thing yet it just says retired after every stage WTF??????
  2. Are you talking about an online session? If it is are your times being shown or does it just give you a penalty time? Don't get stressed, if this is what I think it is we just need to explain something. It might not be a fault. All will be revealed;)
  3. When you retire in a championship rally stage, you are listed as retired in all stages until the next service.
  4. Its OK guys, I figured it out. Take note it was the cam hack that was doing it?? I changed the "change view/enhance replay" toggle to not exist and it logs my time ok now.

    And senad, thats not the case, it doesnt retire you if you retire one stage, it gives you a fixed (very bad) time.