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Please help with circuit Interlagos, Sao Paulo - Graphic change

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Michael Sandee, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. I am updating every track with the advertisement of 2010 as some of you know.
    But I have a problem in Brazil I checked every file in track/circuits/brazil but I can't find this "see picture" there is a brownish and white billboard next to eachother and they hold ads on the real track but I can't find it with Ryders PSSG editor so I was hoping that someone could help me.

    Many thanks to whoever can help me.

    F1_2010_game 2011-01-01 12-40-30-89.jpg
  2. The texture you want is called "sponsorx_cats_varbf_d" in the patchup_ot pssg.
    The white and yellow boards are actually the bits of the shell logo.
  3. I am not exactly sure what you mean cause this is what I have in my sponsorx_cats_varbf_d

  4. Thats right, the yellow and white of the shell logo is what colors the boards.
  5. Thanks mvpe

    I got another brainstormer for you (or anyone else)cause again I can't find it anywhere.
    It's the yellow lines at the straight before the pits I included a picture.

  6. I see you have 3dsimed. Just right click on it and it will show you material name, which in this case is "yel". Go to material editor and scroll down to yel, it will show the texture name brz_yellowline_a_01_d.dds.
  7. I was just about to say tracksplit.pssg, brz yellow line lol :D
  8. Aha I thought that one too but thats not the one I told you it's a brainstormer
  9. Well I finally figured it out,why so long because I didn't look at it anymore till today.
    For anyone who changes the graphics some maps show 2 textures (see picture) but actually one texture is used the other is completely useless why this is done I don't know it is a CM game so who knows what they did.
    The picture you see here is the yellow line before the pit it should have been yellow/green just like the kerbs but as said you can't change it because the second line isn't used.
    So I will leave it yellow for now.