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Please Help, I need to know how visual DRS works in this simulator

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by BlackGoku, Mar 3, 2017.

  1. BlackGoku


    Hello guys, I need help to make 3D of DRS work.

    In rFactor, we had headlights which made possible to have visual DRS working in-game.

    The question is: How I make DRS to work visually in Automobilista?

    I can ask it like this too: What are the differences between the visual DRS of rFactor and the visual DRS of Automobilista?

    I am converting a F1 2012 mod from rFactor to Automobilista and it uses the headlights DRS system. It is working properly in-game, but of course its not working with the physical DRS, so it is just acting like a normal headlights system..

    What I have to change to make it work? I can't find any information of this on internet.

    After looking some .gmt files I just noticed that the DRS model of Automobilista includes both headlights models (on and off). At this momment I think your DRS system works by joining both headlights 3D models and changing the mapping names or something like that.

    Could you please explain me how to make it work?