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Please critique my Spa lap

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Roman5, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. I'm at a loss as to why after hours and hours of trying, I just can't get in the 1.44's or 1.43's. I'm using Bram's setup that he posted for Spa dry, tested with the McLaren. I'm driving a lotus but his setup feels fine for me. I use a wheel, manual gears, no ABS, no assists other than medium TC. I did once make an improvement with no TC but it was miniscule. I've actually already done a 1:45.419, and now, not only can I not get that time again let alone beat it, I'm driving the track better than when I got that time. I've no idea how to improve. :confused: There's obviously one or two mistakes in the lap which you'll see, but I'm still surprised it didn't get me into the 1.44's since I think it's fairly smooth and pretty fast isn't it? Could it be that the car itself isn't being maximised by the setup and I need a different gearing setup to get more top speed or even quicker acceleration, or is it all down to my driving? Aero is 1/1 so can't improve that I don't think.

  2. James Chant

    James Chant

    having not watched the video (using iphone)
    answer 1 - it's a lotus
    answer 2 - turn of traction control
  3. Is that in Time Trial? Have you enabled the ghost car of your best lap, or of better laps on the leaderboard, so you can see where you're losing time?

    I don't know Spa well, and I don't know if the neon racing line can be trusted, but it looks like you could carry more speed through some of the corners by getting further to the outside before you turn in - it looks like you're cutting the corners a bit, which isn't always the best for carrying speed. Also, I would try turning off that racing line - I think in time you'll learn the track better without a guide like that.
  4. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Your main problem is your driving up the middle of the road and are not close enough to the kerbs on entry and exit. Switching off the driving line will help, its simply distracting and doesnt show the fastest way through the corner.

    Turn 1 for example makes a massive difference to the lap time. You approach it almost in the cenntre of the track, you need to be as far left as possible to maintain as much speed and momentum through the hairpin as possible.

    Good momentum through this corner means you will be alot faster all the way up through Au rouge.

    Edit, having watched the whole thing you are way to central on the track for most corners.


    watch the above :)
  5. Heh, that johnnyw2405 is amazing. I can see where he's keeping nearer to the kerbs. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll turn the racing line off and see how it goes. Not sure if I should keep the racing corner lines enabled though. Yep James, you're right, I just noticed how I'm too central such as approaching the first turn. I'm right of the racing line where I could be further to the left near the kerb. Also the end of blanchimont as I brake for the last 2 chicanes, same thing. At turn 9, I'm cutting that a bit, I guess I need to go wider there. Derek, I've been racing ghosts that I selected from the leaderboard, but today I decided to try it with no ghosts. I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago about how to get rid of ghosts cars. But I must admit, every improvement in lap time I've had has been racing a ghost. I hate racing my own ghost though because it puts me off or panics me a bit when we're neck and neck.

    I was wondering about my braking distances. At the end of eau rouge, and at the end of blanchimont, I've noticed some drivers brake quite a bit later than me. At eau rouge, I've seen a hotlap of a guy who brakes just before the 50m mark at the end of eau rouge. That would certainly help but I've tried it and the car always overshoots if I don't brake almost exactly as the line goes red. It doesn't seem to stop in time otherwise. Do you think I should be braking a bit later?
  6. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Another thing this is to try and not apply any more steering input than is absolutely necessary as it looses grip.

    Johnyw gave me this tip and i was instantly about .8 faster.

    He got quite technical about surface area of tyres etc but the main point was try to keep the steering input to a minimum as if you put too much turn in the wheel the surface contact of the wheel on the road is reduced. (or i think thats what he said).

    Its amazing the additonal speed this gives you.
  7. Yeah that makes sense. I suppose to minimise steering input I'd need to have the car perfectly positioned as much as possible when coming into and out of turns and corners. And therein lies the challenge. :p
  8. Exactly, that's why racing is not easy. :D You've gotten good advice here, stay close to the curbs (sometimes it helps to go up on the curbs, sometimes it doesn't), and turn as smoothly as possible - try not to jerk the wheel at all, make all the movements smooth, like Jenson Button. And again I strongly urge you to stop using the colored racing line - it will take longer to learn the track but it'll be so much better when you do. The braking point is something you have to figure out for yourself by testing how quickly the car will stop without locking - then you have to memorize that spot and try to stick to it every time (unless you're in a grand prix with rubberization, fuel and tire wear, where the braking point changes during the session, but never mind that for now). As you race the track more you'll be able to better judge how much speed you can hold through the corners.

    Times will always go down with practice - just keep at it, keep asking questions, and go to youtube to check out hotlaps from other sim racers and real drivers, paying attention to the racing line that the cars take. Good luck, and don't worry, you'll definitely improve if you keep racing.
  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Some comments:
    - turn off those driving aids!!!! :)
    - use the full width of the track
    - brake later and harder combined with quicker downshift so you use the engine brake as well
    - hit the curbs on the apex
    - drive corners like this: outside - inside - outside, not inside - inside - inside where you loose a lot of speed
    - try to apply throttle earlier when coming out of a corner.
  10. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I always watch real onboard videos from all raceseries, there's so mutch to learn from it.
  11. Thanks a lot fellow racers, I will turn off all assists, and try to put into practise your wise teachings! :) When I report back, I hope it's good news.
  12. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Looking forward to a progress report :)
  13. Well so far after a couple of hours I've not put a perfect lap together, I'm constantly invalidating laps for stupid mistakes. However on the bright side, massive difference by keeping to the kerbs, it's definitely making my turns easier and smoother and my exits quicker AND it lets me brake a bit later. :D Within a few laps I managed to get straight into the 1.45's which is far better than yesterday, but still not matched my PB. Once I put a really cohesive lap together, I'm sure I can get into the 1.44's.
  14. The perfect lap is a fleeting dream. =) You'll always make very small mistakes here and there. Slightly missing a turn in here, overshooting the braking point there. And like I do often since I've yet to learn everything about most of the tracks... I climb too high on the kerbs or touch the bad ones that'll spin you out. =) And turning that dynamic racing line off is really the only way to really learn the track. It's painful in the beginning but once you have an idea of the track you'll just improve, feels great when you feel that you're getting the hang of it!
  15. FINALLY! After 5 hours of non stop lap restarts, and constantly messing up the right amount of braking pressure and correct braking distance at the end of blanchimont before the final two chicanes, I got 1:45.350, and then just now against my PB ghost, 1:44.907. :f1: :D


    I won't win the time trial competition I'm in, but I'm really happy I've now beat one particular driver I wanted to get ahead of, heh. Unless he's about to post a better time than mine before tomorrow night (hope not). I'm gonna keep trying to improve the time before the next track and car is selected tomorrow, but I've achieved one of the goals I wanted. You guys have really made the difference, thanks a lot! :pray:
  16. Good going! =)

    Tried a few laps myself and posted a 1:44.036 - I cut my PB with nearly 2s lol.
  17. Thanks! Well done yourself, Setesh. The redbull is quicker than the lotus I think, but good job, knocking off 2 seconds off your PB in F1 is like knocking off 2 hours. :p
  18. Yeah, the Red Bull is quicker.
  19. Hey Roman5 try the McLaren or Red Bull. Youre driving one of the slowest cars. downforce 1/1. Change front wing to + at Les Combes and down again at Curve Paul Frere. And make sure that your seventh gear is maxed out when you reach Les Combes.
  20. Cheers Tomas. Had no choice in the matter, the lotus was chosen for this weeks time trial. Last week was McLaren. After tonight, I'm sure it will be a red bull or ferrari for whatever new track is selected by the winner.