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Pitstop order

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by KrishF1, May 3, 2013.

  1. Hello, anyone know where in rfactor I can change pitstop location order?
  2. In the rfm file, look in the OWChallenge06 one for an example.
    Don't forget to also edit the veh files for it to work. (you need to match the Pit Group in each veh file to your list in the rfm). :)
  3. Big thanks! :cool:
  4. With my pitstop order it`s all ok but now is new question.
    What I have to do to save tyre wear from qualifying to race? Thanks.
  5. Put relevant lines in the rfm file.

    ParcFerme = 0 (set to 1 to switch on the below parc ferme conditions i.e for any of the following lines to work)
    ParcFermeFuel = 0
    // Whether fuel level remains the same (only if parc ferme is applicable). In general, this value specifies what fraction of the qualifying session is reached before fuel usage becomes "free"; default=0.0, possible values are 0.0-1.0, where 0.0 indicates fuel level is always free, 0.5 would mean fuel level at the halfway point of qualifying will be used to start the race, and 1.0 means fuel level at the end of qualifying will be used to start the race (and no refueling allowed during qualifying).
    ParcFermeTires = 0 (Change this number to the number of qualifiers that will keep their used tyres to start the race)
    ParcFermeSetup = 0 (set to 1 to force qual setup to be used in race)
  6. Thanks for the help, that all working but now I have a big problem. I have XP, so when I playing multiplayer me throw out of game, simply to desktop. I`m not only with XP who have this problem. Any suggestions?