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Pit Stop Config App

  1. FWallner submitted a new resource:

    PitConfig - Pit Stop Config App

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  2. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like a really good idea to provide some functionality sorely lacking in AC.

    It would be good to be able to define multiple pitstop strategies e.g. stop 1, change tyres only, no fuel. Stop 2, fill fuel, no tyres, etc.
  3. Hi, love the app, but I am not getting fuel in the pitstops, running triples at 5760x 1080
  4. Great app. Works well. Suggestions:

    • Be able to set a lap number to pit and have the app warn you when you are on that lap;
    • More importantly, and much needed is to be able to set the total fuel to have in the tank when you pit, as opposed to the litres to add to what you already have.
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    Optional fueling method

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  6. Sniper


    sensational job , worked perfectly for me and I am running 5760x 1080 @Philip Grace
    Fabio this may be a long shot but to make this app a killer is there any way to assign a key or button to be able to select options during race?
    example + key adds fuel - key takes fuel, r key repairs wing etc etc. it is critical to be able to change strategies while racing without fumbling for mouse and clicking on screen as this normally causes me to run off the road:)

    I tried the pitvoice app which sound good in practice but I could never get it to work
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  7. Jempy


    I didn't try the app yet neither ... even though it is a perfect idea answering a perfect ... need in race.

    Wally Masterson's and Sniper's requests seem very important for a main reason:
    During a race, unforeseen events may need a change to the prepared pitstop: a little problem on track needing a quick repair for the car, bad tyre choice, etc ...

    More than 1 pitstop config is one possibility and of course having the possibility to change pitstop config on track with keyboard commands ( allowing that way to assign buttons on wheel ) is another perfect possibility.
    Surely not an easy task .... but it should make your app the most perfect one for all possible circumstances on track in race.
  8. Grande Trabalho Walnner. THX.
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  9. as Kunos has included other track-mods and car-mods in their sim, this should be the first app-mod they include!
  10. FWallner updated PitConfig with a new update entry:

    new scalable UI with icons instead of checkboxes

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  11. Can you make it for single player ?
  12. Assetto Corsa has not implemented pit stops in single player yet. It is expected for the end of the year or beggining of next year. Unfortunately we need to wait...hopefully the app will also work in single player when it is released.
  13. Ok thx
  14. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Fantastic app! Thanks mate!
  15. Hi, is possible to add a button for stop-go penalty? For example: in my championship if I made 4 cuts, I recieve stop-go penalty, I have to stop for 10 seconds in my pit before the end of race. So before stop, I have to press the "penalty button" in your app to stay lock for 10 seconds.
    Sorry for my english.
  16. FWallner updated PitConfig with a new update entry:

    Support for mod car tyres and for servers limiting tyre compounds

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  17. This is the only one app that allows Oculus Rift Users do Pit Stop. You should say it there is a lot of people waiting for this kind of feature.
    I tried it and it works. I can not tell you how pleased I am with this. Thank you very much.

    Maybe you do not know that this works along with Oculus, but it does and if it is not too much asking the only thing left to do is to make Oculus users able to change between presets, as we can not change in game (we do not have GUI at all).
    I thought about it and make able the user to set a wheel's button or keyboard button will be a perfect solution, I mean for example, everytime the user hits that key/button, it will change between presets.

    Preset 1:

    Only add fuel and change tyres

    Preset 2:

    Repair body

    Preset 3:

    Fuel + body

    Preset 4:

    Full repair

    Something like that. Please! :D

    You already are a hero to Oculus community right now but it will be outstanding if you could end that feature for us :)

    Really really appreciated work

    Kind regards Nikos
  18. Artur Czarnecki

    Artur Czarnecki

    Something strange happened today during race. I wanted to set the changes on the grid before the race starts and I noticed I dont have the app icon in the apps tab. I though that i forgot to turn it on in the ac options. But while pitting the app started adding fuel. Unfortunetely I needed to fix my car and I couldn't do it, because I couldn't open the app and there was no way to do it manually cause the app always started pitting. After leaving server and coming back again , this time the app icon was in the apps tab. Any suggestions what went wrong?
  19. No idea. If it happens again, please send me log.txt and py_log.txt.