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Pit stop exiting issue

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Mert_son, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Hi guys :) i have a really big porblem that makes my race disaster...when i pitting i am waiting lolipopman too much,there is a enough space for my exit but lolipopman dosent allow me and every cars which are behind of me or came to pit after me get pass me..how can i solve this?(sorry for bad english) :D
  2. Assuming you are on PC, install the patch from Codemasters. Unfortunately this will also remove the rubbering in of the track as well, & make puddles dissappear when its raining making the track look dry. However they do have a workaround to restore that, but unfortunately doing that will nerf your framerate.

    Patch from Codemasters

    Dissappearing pudles/rubbering in fix
  3. i have already patch the game to 1.01 but i have still pit exiting issue..lolipop man says when i push to gas pedal after all pit stuff done "not just yet" ...i dont know the reason...and also i have F1 2011 Mod i downloaded form racedepartment.com
  4. Just come in early. You can then usually get some free track and knock some good laps in on the fresh rubber.
  5. that sounds good :D i'll try different strategies during race :D i hope Codemaster F1 Gamemakers can fix this issue on F1 2011 Official Game..thanks for help :D
  6. Yea, I asked in the mod section if anyone made a mod to disable the wait time (basically just releasing you no matter what) but nobody replied. I would've thought it's not a hard fix, and it could be game breaking.
  7. Yea you right man it could be game breaking especially in F1 2011 with new pirelli tires(because you come to pit 3 times at %20 race distance)..i dont know is it hard to fix or not i just hope fix this issue in F1 2011 Codemasters's game(ony 3 month left to release)