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Pit stop & AI strength in race

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Luckyluke76, May 4, 2015.

  1. Hello, i'm trying to create a race for Formula3 vehicles (offline) : usually i start a test day on a track and set a valuable time, then i adjust AI strength so that when i simulate a single race, on qualifying i start almost in the first 7 positions. The problem is that on race AI cars seems to go faster by 1 second than on qualifying and so after the positions i gain on green light there is no way to catch the vehicles in front of me and those behind are all on the back of my car. There's a way to solve it maybe editing some track files or other ones ?

    The second question is for pit stop : when i call it on race (s key), there's a button to push to drive the car automatically on pit lane when approaching the pit entry ? I ask it because i use all the drivers aids and by this way is very difficult to go on pit lane manually.

    Thanks for reply and sorry for my bad english.

  2. Hi Luca, AI setting varies according to the track. To make a more competitive race, I suggest you do before a single race to test and compare their times with the AI and go adjusting to their level, consider that in "Qualy", AI also will be faster than in the race (as it should be), but remember also that in the "Test Day" and session "Practice" AI will be much faster, then these options will not give you a good parameter.

    As for the second question, there is help for "pit" automatic, but must still take the car manually to the entrance of this, also controlling the speed limit not to be punished (Stop and Go). I suggest you train in and out of box before the race.

    I hope this helps.
  4. Hi Wedsley, thank you for response but as for your first reply i'm pretty sure that the best lap time in race by AI is faster by 1 second then on qualifying not slower. Besides this on test day i'm on my own so AI doesn't play........The method : test day - single race to set a time for a balanced qualifying works for me, the problem is to reduce the strength of AI on race.

    For pit stop indeed which is the help for "pit" automatic you're talking about ? Maybe the AutoPitLane option ? Or do you suggest to activate the pit limiter just before the pit entry to make more simple to go in ?

  5. Well Luca, if you still have trouble finding a correct adjust for the AI's, perhaps a change in some files can solve, see if the thread below can help you:

    That's right "AutoPitLane" but enters the automatic mode only after crossing the line input or output from Pitlane before you should drive the car the way and already slowing not to exceed (the speed limiter button can be triggered slightly before), I recommend some training and then if possible, avoid using such help.

  6. I also experienced same issue. AI are faster in race than qual.
    I remember I could adjust it in GTR2 and Rfactor (maybe in plr file or track file) but I couldn't find the way in GCSE.
  7. About AI strength in particular track
    Go to the AIW file and open it via np++
    then look for
    I felt AI use MidAdjust for most of the race and Best only when they are attacking but it might be my opinion, so you can play with them and set them accordingly.
    after the BestAdjust add this line
    This makes AI a bit easier and slower in race than in Quali if you set it to 1.01 or more. vice versa when you set it to 0.99 or less
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  8. Thanks for the tip. I'll try it.