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Pit crews putting on worn tires instead of fresh ones.

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by StewartF1, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. In my race strategy it will be say: option, option, prime, option. I think great! I only used one set of option tires during qualifying (didn't get into Q3.) and think that out of the 5 sets they will certainly not give me my 1 worn set. And of course on my last stint they give me the worn tires. They've done this three times to where I now mid session save before diving into the pits just to ensure that if they do add the worn tires I can reload and switch say to primes to make sure that I get fresh tires. How can I make sure that they don't put on my worn tires as there is only an option to select which tire set to use for the starting tires after that its all chance.
  2. I don't understand, of course they will give you a worn set as you have no more fresh sets of options. You only have 3 sets of option and 3 sets of prime tyres for qualifying and the race. So you use options in quali. so you now on have 2 sets of fresh options. With your strategy you start the race on fresh options I assume? So now after the first stint you only have 1 fresh set remaining, which you put on at the 1st stop. So you have no more fresh sets.
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  3. I also have this bug on F1 2012, so it's possible for them to have it in here as well, since 2013 is just F1 2012 with classic content, updated liveries and botched car handling.

    I have even just done practice, gone straight to race without qualifying, and still gotten worn tires if I do 3 stints on the same tire.
  4. I can see how that would be a bug, not using any tyres and then getting a worn set. But the OP has said he did use a set in qauli, so it makes complete sense he wouldn't get a fresh set for the last stint. I think they just misunderstand how many sets of tyres they have for the race weekend, which is understandable as CM couldn't be bothered removing the tyres you can't use from the display after practice.
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  5. Haha. Possible indeed. I'm just happy I didn't waste my money this year. :D
  6. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I have never had this happen, and have never seen it proven to exist.
  7. Lucky you.
  8. Until one week ago I would have said the same as you, and I've played every opus since 2010...

    But here's what happened to me in my last career race (long weekends, 100%)all sims on:

    I m
  9. Until recently I would have shrugged it off like you, and I've played every opus since 2010.

    Untli recently... beacuse here's what happened to me in China in my career (long weekends, 100% race, all assists off, all sims full):

    I make it thro Quali to Q3 only wasting 1 hot lap on a set of Options in Q2, and the same for Q3. So theoretically I should have 1 set of fresh Options & 2 slightly worn (88% or so) ones available for the race, right?

    So I set up my race strat accordingly, going for an OPOO, which is theoretically feasible on a Lotus.

    Come race day I find that the Options I have for race start look brand new. Not a shade of orange on them! Hmm. So I go through OPO anyway, and on the 3rd stint I get slightly used Options. I think 'OK, they mixed up my sets, but I still should have one last set of Options available, right?'

    Well no. When I pitted again for my last stint, I was given the worn set of Options I used up on the 1st stint! I restarted the race, even tried an OOPO, same story...

    So there is a problem, somewhere, somehow, sometimes... :sick:
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  10. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    Did you do the session in one sitting? or did you come back to the race at a different time than you did the quali, like the next day or something?
    I have had issues with the 2012 game changing my setup in Co-op after my TM d/c'd. We restarted out xboxes and started the race again. I checked my setup while waiting for him and notice my TOE settings had changed to the default setting. Parc Ferme was on.
    I attributed that issue with exiting the game (maybe improperly) and coming back to it after an xbox restart. The d\c issue happened quite a few times in our co-op last year, and often i would feel as though my setup was little different.. it wasn't until nearer the end of the season that i noticed the toe setting change.
    Another note on that, My TM (the co-op host, always) never had an issue with his toe setting after i noticed the glitch. His setup was always the same as it should have been.

    If you are running into the used tyre issue while doing quali and the race all in one sitting, then i have no idea what the cause could be.
    I'll keep my eyes peeled for it to rear it's ugly head though...
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  11. This happened for me at India. Where I checked and made sure that I had more than 3 sets of options and the display showed 5 option sets so I figured I could even burn off more but still only used the one set and was still given the old set out of what shown to me as five. But it was when I qualified and then came back to race the next day or so. I guess that could be a contributing factor. Though I do wish I can directly select the each individual stints set of tires.
  12. Guys, always remember this game is not a sim (unfortunately), and it is not advertized as such.

    So one workaround I would suggest in this case is to change the last tyres type from options to primes, then change the pitstops laps # on the race strategy in the garage b4 going out to race.

    I do it often (not always, but often).
  13. Not a sim but soooo close to one i can smell it! I believe i may have figured out the issue though, I just finished the race at Yas Marina. and the same thing occurred though this time I noticed that 2 of my option tires were grayed out... I am guessing that Jon was right in saying that I only had 3 sets. But can someone now answer why there's 5 sets and 2 are grayed out if I couldn't use em in the first place
  14. It's to go with tyre allocation in real life. At the start of the weekend the teams have 6 sets of primes and 5 sets of options. After practice 1 they have to give a set of primes back. Then at the end of p2 & 3 they give back a set of primes and options. So you start qualifying with 3 sets of each tyre. In the game though they grey out the tyres you cant use. And because we don't have P1 & 2 only P3. There is a set of options and 2 sets of primes you can never use! Makes sense once you know the rules of F1, but makes no sense why they don't just remove the tyres from the selection screen in the game. Cause some people that play the game might not be a huge F1 fan and know all the rules inside out, and the game never really explains it!
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  15. Oooooh that F1 rules! you make it clear for me as im noob. thank you
  16. Hi Karl,

    No I never do a full weekend in one sitting, just don't have the time for that. :p

    Until that one race it's never been a problem to me though. And since I almost lost my career in F1 2012 due to exiting the game while it was autosaving, I'm extra careful about that now.

    I use a lot of mods though, and since I update snthenumbers' True to Life AI on a regular basis it might have caused the problem. My gut feeling is it hasn't though, as I've always used a lot of mods throughout the series with no such glitches.

    Well, I can live with that: restarted the race and went for an OPOP. No problem there, and I even got a good finish. (Yay me! :roflmao:)
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  17. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    In real Formula 1 they have only 3 sets of each tyres for the Quali and the race. they have to manage those sets to leave enough of them to last the race. They have other sets of tyres to use in the 3 practice sessions, but they are all returned to the manufacturer before quali starts.

    In this game is it exactly like that in Career mode and GP mode. You have 3 sets allowed of each tyre in Quali and the Race (combined). In the Practice session you have an extra set of each tyre.
    However, in Co-op mode and in Online mode Codemasters has allowed the driver to have access to all 4 sets of Options and Primes in the Quali session. This means you have an extra set that you can use in quali only. It does not give you an extra set for the race, for that you still only have access to 3 sets of Options and 3 sets of Primes.
  18. Makes sense! So during Practice I can burn as many tires as they will let me as even then there are some grayed out and I assume those are for qualifying and race days yet during qualifying and race only 3 sets of each. Okay that makes sense guys thank you for answering my (I now realize was a stupid noob) question.

    One more slightly related question: Is it true that the AI so far do not have to deal with tire wear? I heard that their tires are always fresh and they simply just keep getting faster as they use their fuel loads. And if that true does Codemasters intend to remedy that or do I just have to focus on my tire preservation to even have a chance of chasing anyone down at the end of the race?
  19. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    No, The tyres you have available to you in Practice are the same ones used in the Quali and Race.
    So, if you use up 4 sets in Practice they are gone.
    When i want to practice more than the allotted time i simply restart the practice session and get all new tyres again. Before going to Quali i make sure to only use one set of each Option and Prime tyre so that i have 3 fresh sets for Quali and the Race.

    I don't believe that about the AI. I've seen them lose the back end. I've seen them lock up going into a corner, and CM have said that they are affected by tyre wear. they simply deal with it better because they are computer controlled. They get faster, but they are easier on their tyres.
    What I'm not 100% sure about is that their tyre wear from Practice and Quali is carried over to the Race like ours...
  20. Ok, so let's get down to the answer no one's really said, how many sets can you use in practice? If I've read everything right, it's two of each, correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I'm almost certain that the AI's tyres don't wear in qualy, they run like 15-20 laps total on options it seems like.