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Pit crew putting on used tires instead of new

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by btk, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. btk


    Anyone else having the problem. Pit crew seem to want to put scrubbed tires on even when new sets are available, and even when ther 90% used.

    Anyone have a solution or know where I can change which tires they choose to put on the car during races.

    I'm on 360

  2. According to this post the bug only occurs if you choose the same tyre type three times in a row. So a quick workaround would be to use the other type inbetween.
  3. Calum McLure

    Calum McLure
    Did ye, aye?

    This has cost me quite a few points, very annoying.
  4. I finished Malaysia with 3 stops, (stints: Options, Options, Options, Primes) and I didn't notice that, everything was OK (oh, well, 3rd set of options got puncture on 6th lap on this stint). It must be very annoying... I hope they'll fix it.

    Yes, but this season in real F1 in one race Hamilton got strategy: options, options, primes, options. He lost way too much in this stint, and options advantage in last part of race didn't paid off.

    What about Qualifying strategy? In Malaysia I used all 3 sets of soft tires in Quali (one per session, as I wasn't sure about getting to Q2). Maybe this is a key?
    Codemasters should fix it in patch/
  5. that might be why you got a puncture cause the lasrt set was so worn.
  6. doesnt seem to happen if you do 'Race Only', as ive never seen it ..
  7. so, thats the only mode you play is Grand Prix ?
  8. I just want to aware you guys.
    FALSE! I've got PRI-OPT-PRI-OPT-OPT strategy in Canada and on last pit they gave me worn tires. So it's not depending on putting tires in a row.

    I think problem is depending on tire strategy in Qualifying. Canada wa the first race in which I used only primes in qualifying (to save options for race). Before I was running strategies with 3 Options in a row, and there was no bug, but I used all 3 sets in Qualifying in these races. Be aware!
  9. I too have experienced this bug while avoiding using the same 3 tyre types. I went Prime, Prime, Option, Prime and the last set of Prime tyres were in worse shape then the Options I had just taken off :(. I had to nurse the car home to the finish line as any extra pit stop would have been ruinous. I couldn't believe it. This doesn't happen all the time but I hope they fix it in the up coming patch.
  10. They put on scrubbed tyres because you ran out of fresh tyres so next time try to change you race strategy /./

    Look: In Quali u use tyres these tyres will be in the garage for the race so the tyres you driven on will be there and will be used if you run out on Fresh Sets.. So you have 4 sets each weekend? Excluding practice so 4/5 sets tyres for quali and race each tyre so you can variate in them use primes in the beginning for longer stints and options on the final part..
  11. 3 sets each compound starting from qualifying. Not 4. Assuming that you do long race weekend and if you don't select your own tires in qualifying, and if you do 3 or more pit stops in a race, obviously at least one set (in addition to the one you start with) will be USED.

    If you use Prime1 in Q1, Option1 in Q2, and Option2 in Q3, you already used up 2 out of 3 Options available to you. And you'll start the race with Option2. And if you use Option-Prime-Option-Option strategy, that last set of Option obviously will be used one from your Q2 session. This will happen from time to time if you let the computer manage the tires through both the qualifying and race.

    You need to plan your tire strategy in qualifying to go along with your race strategy. If I'm fast enough, I usually re-use the Q1 tire in Q2.
  12. never happened to me:)
  13. I'm currently at Hungary 100%. Did Q1 and Q2 on one set of softs (fresh ones wouldn't have got me to Q3) so have five fresh sets of tyres for the race. Lovely. Except... not lovely. For some reason the game only things I have two primes. No matter what order I come into the pits I can never fit a third set of primes. This means I'm left with two primes, two options and one rather tired set of options (wasn't expecting to use them so did three hot laps in Q2. They're pretty dead). A three-stopper with two option stops just isn't going to cut it. The recommended strategy is 2xOption, 3xPrimes (dunno what order), but during the race it always refits worn primes on the third stop.

    Basically, it's not user error. It's not fitting the same selection three times in a row either. There is a bug somewhere which will erroneously mark one of your sets during the race as unavailable, even though it's fully available in the pre-race screen.
  14. Oh man, I'm running Q like real F1. Primes in Q1, Options in Q2 and 2 stints on Options in Q3... All stints with fresh tires. All 3 sets of options are alittle screwed, but they still have 12-15 remaining, so I can finish race with good pace easily... Bug occured only when I didn't use options in Qualifying. Something is wrong...

    Next race is Nurburgring and I want to try OPT(fresh)-OPT(used)-OPT(used)-PRI(fresh) and see if bug is there. I really want to find out what is factor of this bug.
  15. I only do practice on hard tires as well I already have my setups basically. I ll do quali session 1 and 2 both on same set of Hards if possible and then 1 run on the Options in the shootout. I'd never use 2 sets of Options in quali like they do in real. I have 3 sets of Hard and Soft for the race. I ve noticed even though I haven't used softs at all come quali 3 a set is worn out. I assume the game just wears them out because I should have used them in a realistic practice session.
  16. Hmm.... This explains all my sliding all over Hungary after last change:
    As suggested by the pitcrew
  17. And which set did you use in Q3?

    I assume you mean one of the unavailable is marked as worn out? Practice tires don't carry over to qual or race.
  18. I wasn't in Q3.
  19. Look after your tyres guys. No more than two hot laps on any set of options in quali cause you gotta use them for the race. Burning up tyre needlessly will hurt you on race day.

    What about the unavailable set on the far right of the tyre selections. What is that for? Does it become available only in q3 or race day? Or a reserve set for replacing damaged sets?
  20. Nah the set that gets removed goes and also another set has its life bar about half worn out and at that point I haven't put softs on the car at all. It okay though I have 3 sets of softs and hards for quali and race thats more than enough.