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Pit assist?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by taz1004, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. What does this do? I'm asking because even with it off, it's autopilot in the pits anyways. At Spa, this autopilot is keep breaking my front wing coming off the pits on the tight right hand turn at the pit exit. Spa has so many bugs...
  2. This year is actually improved on this - disabling Pit Assist means that the computer actually only controls your car between the speed limiter lines, as opposed to the full pitlane still as it was in 2010. Does this make sense?
  3. Okay then Spa pit exit must be an exception... because computer still has control after the speed limiter lines and through to the exit of the pit lane... actually same as with pit assist on. And the damn computer is keep wrecking my nose coming off. Maybe I need to take off the realistic damage mod.
  4. I must confess I haven't seen this problem occur even once. I'm playing pit assist off and dmg realistic. While it is true that eather way pit assist makes the first bend at Spa while leaving the pit-lane. It's the entry route into the pit you have to do yourself and (except for spa apparantly) the route from the pit back to the track.

    So entry and exit are managed by pit-assist. Other than that? Nothing changes.