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WIP Pirate Island Track - WIP

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Sérgio Marques, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. This is my new work in progress, the Pirate Island Track! :D

    At the beginning, with only the main layout :

    Some in game shot's at the actual stage:


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  2. How did you made the ships? Objects, Texture...
    I would need someone for my own small pond :cool:
  3. It's just a small wall, like a tree wall, with a DDS texture made from a PNG file with just the ship image, no background.
  4. That looks like my flag xPack - nice to see somebody's using it :geek:
    I guess the terrain (especially water/island) was a lot of work, wasn't it?
    By the way, did you made the green-white ripple board by yourself or is it from a xpack? I would need some good-looking one for my tracks, too...
    I'll see that I can make some test-laps on weekend.
  5. Thanks for it, if it wasn't people like you, I wouldn't be making any track!

    One major problem was to find a good image for making the right texture for the Caribbean sea.

    Another one, was making disappear the default mountains background that was visible above the sea in some higher points of the track. If I raise much the sea, at the lower points it seem like a tsunami was coming:D . In the end was a very simple solution, lower the default background in .scn file, but it cost me a lot of time until I find it.

    I just modify the ones on the default xpack, open the texture with photoshop and replace the red with green. Very easy to make.
  6. New grandstand:

    and new garages:
  7. stevem


    That is SWEET matey! Were can I get a Race 07 Version?
  8. stevem


    Bummer. I don't have GSC.