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pikes peak for race07?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by av8erjm, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. OK, I've looked here and other race sites to convert the BergRennen IE: pikes Peak track from gtr2 to race07. I've goten to the point where it loads, car starts, but the sky is kind of gray and everthing else is black. I thought I've done what all the posts say but obviously have missed something. Any help would be appreciated and if anyone wants to look at what I've tried to do I'd be more than happy to zip it to you. Thanx in adv
  2. You may have too small clip value on MainView ( you can find it in .TRK file, it's the first in the object list.). The default is 1500 meters, if the track reaches beyond that, the sky goes black/grey.
  3. @kennett that didn't seem to do anything, although the track is 1684 meters, so I bumped it up to 2000 meters just to safe, good to know for in the futre
  4. Have you got:
    etc. etc. in your .trk file?
  5. yes and also put the the *.gtr files in the shared folder
  6. I'm no expert, but I don't think that RACE07 can read .gtr files. That's why all of the RACE series tracks are 'unpacked' (lots of loose files), even the SIMBIN tracks!

    Maybe that is your problem. If the game is unable to read ant GMTs or textures, then maybe that is why everything is black.

    Possible solution: Unpack the .GTR files.

    It's probably worth a try. Good luck :)

    P.S.: Do you have release permission? I would love this track :D
  7. Yes, as FerrariMan96 said, you have to unpack .gtr files and then convert all .gmt files to Race07 format (using 3DSimED)
  8. GTR2 conversion done by me, permission for Race07 conversion granted, thanks av8erjm!

    Good luck!
  9. OK, you had me at hello,but really I do have Kimmo Kokkonen permission who did the orig conversion to GTR2, the other two involved were someone he called Uzzi, but he didn't think he'd care as long as it wasn't for money and the the other fellow was someone he called Frank.55, who has passed away. Maybe these names mean something to you, but I think it was before I got into this addiction at any rate Kimmo's idea was to spread the joy. Now that being said I have 2 versions, one that is all asphalt and the other is part dirt and little trickier so if any of you want the orig zips to work on I have them both or try correct what I've done then proceed form there. Myself I'd opt for the start from scratch option. Also if anyone needs the email from Kimmo to publish it on any webs I have that in my archive as well and in closing don't ask me where I got these jewels, it's not that it's a state secret, it's just that I just don't remember, it comes w/ age While I was getting carried away I see Kimmo answered hisself, so now I guess it's official so if anyone want's the zips to play w/ let me know
  10. Well it looks like the unpacking the gtr files did the trick, just did 2 runs up the hill. There some gaps in the distant mt scenery but I think I can live w/ that. I'd like to personally thank any and all guidance and suggestions in helping me w/ my first conversion everyone above this post thank you again. Now I have to figure out how to upload this to the proper place, I guess the first place I posted this thread was wrong and someone moved it here had a hell of time trying to find it. Kind of like coming home from school to find your parents moved out on you LOL