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Mods Physics Fine-Tuning MOD 1.2

PFT MOD is back to bring simulation into motoGP16

  1. Giovaneveterano submitted a new resource:

    Physics Fine-Tuning MOD - PFT MOD is back to bring simulation into motoGP16

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  2. 92 downloads, 1 feedback?
    Just to know if it's improved from the alpha

  3. The game is perfectly synchronized with the real audio, no tricks at all here, just an accurate MOD behind.
    If only the game sounded like that... :rolleyes:
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2016
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  4. The mod is very nice and i even lowered my difficulty from simulation to hard because simulation is too difficult for me! I have some questions that i want you to answer if you can :D
    1:Are the bikes similar like in real life? (Yamaha is the smoothest, Ducati fastest at straights and top speed, Honda most aggressive and sliding around everywhere and blah blah blah)

    2: Does the skill of a rider counts? For example if my charactes has all his stats to 80 and then i play with my character all maxed up with the same bike, will i ride the bike better?

    3: Have you only modified motogp,moto2 and moto3? Or all of the eras? And if not, are you planning to?

    4: Do physics count? (normal vs pro for example, is pro gonna be harder) ??

    5:Have you added any random crashes in the game? (i haven't noticed any)

    Those are the questions and if i have anything else i'll come back and add them on another comment. Keep up the good work and rock on!! (i do not feel comfortable enough to post my time sheets because i still haven't fully understood how the bikes work) One last thing. Sorry if my English are bad :D
  5. First thank you for your work and the time you spend on it , much appreciated ;)
    To be honest I only test the alpha with moto3 and with this new PFT in moto3 I don't (my opinion) see to much change with the alpha , still running well like the alpha ,That's all I test , I dont see help you much , also DB_IDEALTRACKSTIMES are really good close to real life , but have to push hard to get those values, (but if someone do it , why not ;)) I compare the times with real one , that's all I can said about the the test on this version
    Ok, we talking about physics, AI is another case apart
    Not much feedback nedd more test , ohhh btw good work on VR Ranch :thumbsup:
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  6. I'm working on wet races, next update will have tyre grip on wet according to real lap times.
    I need your huge help to fill the time table, I can't do it for myself.
    Thanks for the support and have fun!
  7. Great mod man, physics is rly near to real, the only thing for me that need to change is the bike speed, in my opinion is too slow compared to real, need more power acceleration and top speed.
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  8. I edited top speeds to match real ones.
    I need a more precise feedback so I can fix what's wrong.
    Thanks for the feedback
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  9. 1. Yes bikes should feel the same as real life, obiously as I know from television!
    2. Yes he does
    3. At the moment only 2016 bikes, but my plan is to have a complete package
    4. I play on pro, so I have no idea! But obviously it's easier on standard
  10. Regarding my type of work: I watch A LOT of motogp sessions and I write down the speed of the bikes through every corner to have the same speed in game. Same for top speeds. I don't want to have a physics based on "my feelings", I prefer an authentic one, based on facts and real data.
    Obviously is not easy to balance every track, but I do my best, so I'm happy of your reports.
  11. Mi piacerebbe molto se potresti ricreare quell'effetto di accelerazione delle moto gp, che fa alzare il davanti della moto mentre prende velocità, sicuramente non è facile da ricreare ma vista la tua abilità in questo tipo di mod sicuramente ci riusciresti =)
  12. For example apex speed of turn 11 (waterfall) of this weekend in Sachsenring was 201km/h and corner entry at 186. I try in game and I change some parameters to have the same speed
  13. Thank you for replying!!
  14. Feedback for what you need right now, for the upcoming updates, AI speed on straight or could be the draw, bike brakes too soon on corner , which in real life take a little distance before brake (as a reference the white indicator line) if I explain myself well, Cause physics working really great as always
    Just a simple comment ;)
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  15. Hey man the mod the great but i have somethin to tell you :D Well, qualifying is perfect and really hard to get pole you have to use every inch of the track really nice but, when i'm in the race, it's just too easy... Le Mans for example, i just a played a grand prix on simulation, normal physics i tried finding my best setup for the race, barely make q1 and move to q2, i try my hardest nailing every corner and get 8th. Race happens, i win by 5 seconds not even pushing to the limits of q1 and q2. What i mean is that race pace the bots are down 3-4 seconds than their Q pace. It would be awesome if you can do the same for both race and Q! :D Thanks for the great mod! (btw i forgot the times so then. I finished q2 with 1.33.8 and bots did around 1.33.2 or 1.33.4. That's great for the Q pace but race pace the best they could do was 1.35.7 and i was like wtf? :p) (I was playing with Rossi :D)
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
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  16. WIP
    • Wet races
    • New front tyre behaviour (Michelin front tyre has sick bastard front end grip)
    • Fixed top speeds
  17. Do we have to download and install the mod again? Did you updated it?
  18. Obviously not yet. It's only a message to show my work in progress. I have to fix a couple of things and in the next few days I'll release the RC2.
    But at the moment the mod is far away from be a 1.0
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  19. Fixed. Stay tuned
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