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Physics battle: R3E vs PCars

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Billy Pilgrim, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. R3E

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  2. Project CARS

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  1. Owing to an injury, I've so far only played PCars with a gamepad and I've only played DTMExperience (not even R3E) for a few hours max so I'm not yet in a good position to judge which of the above games has the better physics.

    Some of you must surely have opinions, and the necessary experience, on this topic to enlighten me.

    What do you reckon? Does one game clearly have better physics? Are they at a similar level?

    I'd love to know...
  2. I don't think (in my opinion) that you can judge physics or handling without a good FFB wheel. I'd say they are similar. For me Pcars feels better.
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  3. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    I love rre,but that floaty feel is physics related IMO.Pcars all the way for me I'm afraid.
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    Just to be controversial... RRE by a country mile! (assuming you get your wheel dialed in nicely)
  5. jimortality


    Well If I'm honest, I've become a bit of a Project Cars fanboy. The more I play the more I like it. I've got my ffb so dialed, it's great. I quite like RRE but I don't get the same buzz or feel from it as I do Pcars
    Yeah same for me.
  6. Utter nonsense, dribbling gibberish and tosh...

    Is what pad/non-FFB wheel players get "not physics" then - do they not get 'handling' either?

    Is a great physics engine with poor FFB actually a poor physics engine?

    Wheels are just joysticks which rotate in a circle - pads use small joysticks which do the same thing. Some people are better with one or the other - they each have pros and cons but they're way more similar than you seem to think they are.

    Indeed - wheel users are often surprised when pad users can keep-up with or even beat them but I've no real idea why. There's often a reaction of "pad users must be using driving aids" which is ironic coming from someone who's spend $100s to make playing a game easier ;0

    It's not about the controls - it's never about the controls. It's about setting whatever you use up so it works how YOU WANT IT TO.

    and what everyone wants is different - which is why no-one here agrees on much and by all means keep disagreeing, just stop assigning weird and wonderful reasoning to what is simply personal choice (and a bit a talent!)
  7. Sorry but I strongly disagree. Controller is for playing a game, steering wheel is for experiencing a simulator. Sure you can play a racing sim with a controller, and be very competitive at that. But it will never be a 100% sim experience with a controller. After all, isnt the whole reason behind a sim to "simulate" the real world? You dont drive a real car with a controller. If a controller and steering wheel are so similar, try playing a first person shooter with a steering wheel. It wont work. 2 completely different input methods. Its not about who is faster, its about who is having the feeling of driving a car vs controlling a digital car with a analog stick. I guess in short its about immersion. The main reason im even replying to this is because up until a few years ago, I didnt see any reason to buy a wheel. A few of my buddies who sim race kept telling me i need to get a wheel to take it to a different level of immersion. Now that i finally have a decent wheel, theres no way i could ever go back to a controller. Maybe for a Need for Speed-ish game. But at the end of the day its what you prefer and what you enjoy. But you will not have the same experience with either controlling method.
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  8. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    If I was forced to going back and using a controller ,I'd never play a sim again.We don't buy wheels to make it easier,we have them for immersion. You seem to only play with a controller, so you cannot make an informed opinion of this debate.I would implore you to get a wheel,the experience is fantastic.
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  9. I think from the two replies after yours, you get your answer. But I think your adjectives above describe you perfectly. :thumbsup: Like I said, it was my opinion. You seem to think I am not allowed one?
    Have a nice day.;)
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  10. Sticking to the point - Emerson said that pad players can't really know if the games they play are any good - the dozen+ hours a week I spend playing racing games is me just 'pretending' to enjoy myself then?

    Trust me, Pad players can feel the physics and handling just fine - may not be the same experience but it's not chopped-liver either.

    You can't play the "it's just my opinion" card when you're telling other people that they're wrong ;0

    Core Issue - If only people with FFB wheels bought racing games, we'd not have many racing games. Look at what happened to flight sims when joysticks stopped being something loads of people owned!

    Instead of putting pad users down, perhaps we should ENCOURAGE people to play with pads - that way we get more racing games and more people playing em! They can move it to a wheel if they like it - or not - everyone wins, either way.

    p.s. I'm sure there are keyboard/mouse/joystick players out there too and more power to em!
  11. Just my opinions Mr Peat. And I can play that card. ;):):thumbsup: In fact, it's the only card I have got.
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  12. Emerson said

    "I don't think (in my opinion) that you can judge physics or handling without a good FFB wheel."

    So what is it I'm judging with a pad then - if I can't judge physics and handing with a pad, am I just staring at pretty pictures? :)

    You can't hold on opinion on what other people should think :) :)

    The only thing an FFB wheels gives you - amazingly - is FFB. It's a thing unto itself, if it's crap in a game then I guess you think the game is crap??

    Fortunately, I get to look at other factors - I like games which have decent tyre noise for example (probably why I don't like rFactor2 then) - racing games pre-date FFB by decades y'know.
  13. p.s. I've forgotten to address the OP - which is rude - so here goes

    The game with the better physics is the one you prefer - it's not an empirical science, you get free choice.

    I don't get why people need affirmation of this from other people - I don't get why people need to push their beliefs on others either!?
  14. You stick to your pads with no FFB Mr Peat. We sim racers will stick with our wheels for better immersion and FFB. ;):thumbsup::p
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  15. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    I can imagine rfactor2 with it's difficult physics being a nightmare to drive with a pad.Even for me with my wheel it's difficult.It's a good job I can feel the road and all the bumps and hollows through my wheel.It would seem you got over excited early on,and the tone of your post was aggressive and slightly manic.You would seem to have reached the end of your tether with us wheel users.Why don't you get a wheel and then you can judge for yourself.I would say that 90% of wheel users have used a pad.So why don't you start a thread on here and state what you have just said above.You could even have a vote on it:thumbsup:.
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  16. For the record im not putting down pad players at all. You cant tell anyone how to play their game. Just pointing out that you get 2 completely different experiences. And to answer the OP question. I find pcars physics model too forgiving but its more fun because theres less loss of control. They are both fun in their own way though. Neither would be my choice if im looking for hyper realistic physics though.
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  17. Hey - let's put people down with winky-smileys - elitist <snip> ;) ;) ;)

    Mod edit - cut out the insults please
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  18. No need for that. What is it with you people that you that as soon as you lose an argument or debate you have to resort to insults and bad language? Lack of education? Or just bad manners? Or both? Or small penis syndrome? The latter I'd say. Consider yourself reported.

    Agreed. But I don't think he understands. It's his opinion or no opinion.
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  19. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    Keyboard warriors.. You got to Love em.
  20. They populate the interweb now. They are everywhere.:cool: