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Physics based drivers head view movement and driver animations

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by justasimfan, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. Well actually there are a lot of small problems i hoped eventually would get fixed that never did...Still there are no decent working cockpits...I mean some people will try to make a high quality cockpit but there are no pre-made animations and coding for driver physics based head movement alongside with drivers animations of steering the wheel/changing gears/pulling a handbrake.So much coding goes to everything else so a little bit of time to address this would help modders have a default cockpit mode were either a different interior file gets loaded alongside all the animations(as lfs,gtr games do) or the interior is part of the car but a default view/driver position is chosen by the modder..I know its a lot of work but it is worth all the time spend as having nice looking and motion affected view gives a lot of extra immersion to the game....
  2. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    Try v0.8.44 , just out. It has head physics, although they might need refining.
  3. The Jaguar sedan that Tiberius did a long time ago does have the drivers head move as the car gois round curves, etc.
  4. And not all parking brakes are operated by one hand on the console, on some cars you need a hand to pull the release and a foot operating the pedal. :p
  5. The head physics in ver 0844 just move the camera not the drivers head as the Jag does.
  6. We can in theory do full animated drivers but it's questionable how desirable that is. When driving hands and feet are nice ala GT Legends, but when watching a replay I'm not massively concerned if the driver is fairly static.
    The head leaning for me gives plenty of visual candy. If you have done interior hands too then using em from outside view is probably quite easy too.

    All good IMO we just need authors with more time or skill or to collaborate! Skinning for animation is pretty hard work, if my Quake 1 days making weapons are anything to go by haha :)