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Physic MOD + "4 seconds" bug fix 3.1

Realistic physic for better competition against the AI

  1. Giovaneveterano submitted a new resource:

    Physic Mod motogp moto2 moto3 - MOD - New physic for more competition against AI

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  2. This mod is awesome! It solves the chatter on the front (when braking hard) resulting in me having more confidence when I am on the brakes and allowing me to improve my lap times by 1.5 seconds!
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
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  3. I've got one problem when I was racing in Moto2 in jerez almost everyone crashed when they were braking on the long straight into the 6turn :c
  4. Please I need more info: version of the mod you used (Beta1 or Beta2), difficulty and whether.
    Anyway it seems strange because the mod should change only the player's physic. It hasn't effect on the AI.
    Thanks for the feedback, I will check it out.
  5. Beta 2 , realistic, Clear sky in custom gp race. I have also moto2 and moto3 dlcs'
  6. Beta 2 bugs, almost everyone gone wide on sharp turns after a long straight, and after coming back to track nearly all of them crashed into each other, this bug occurs on every track i teste, if you have time please fix, thanks
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  7. Fixed yet. Download from here http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/ai-physics-mod-v1-0.89806/
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  8. Thanks it works
  9. Maybe I am not installing right because it doesn't work on my machine...I get a "Bad Data.bin" error message and the game will not start. can you give detailed install instructions please? I just overrode the default Data.bin. I also tried deleting the default and replacing it with the new file - same error either way.
  10. Giovaneveterano, where can i edit brake distance? i already extract data.mix file , now i have hundrets of *.bml files :) and where can i edit the lean which you decreased 25%?
  11. Giovaneveterano updated Physic&AI MOD + "4 seconds" bug fix with a new update entry:


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  12. rkh


    I'd love to see some screenshots with qualifying and race results....
  13. It's a Physic mod, no needs to see screenshot.
  14. rkh


    @Gio: You didn't understand what I said. I have my own A.I. Mod so I know how it works, what I am saying is, show me the results of those sessions I mentioned so we can see the time gaps between riders. Not about graphics, buddy.
  15. The mod doesn't change the time gap between riders, not even the pole lap time. It only change player's physic for more realistic driving.
    Try it if you want, there is nothing to see in this mod.
  16. have you update AI real life Performance?
  17. rkh


    I have. yes!
  18. 4 sec bug fix does'nt works for me! AI still going 4 sec. faster than they should! brake distance works well!
  19. Did you overwrite correctly the DATA.MIX file from the folder "Physic Mod + 4 SECOND bug solved" into you motogp14 folder?
    "Physic Mod for other tracks" doesn't solve the 4 seconds bug.