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AI & PHYSICS MOD v1.0 1.0

Edits AI skills, difficulties, physics

  1. Jonix submitted a new resource:

    AI & PHYSICS MOD v1.0 - Edits AI skills, difficulties, physics

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  2. Where put all file? I don't understand

    I want play with all classes but there a re 2 file data.mix
  3. cortese slower
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  4. You have to replace your DATA.MIX file. If you want to play with motogp or moto2 modded you should use the data.mix in the respective folder, if you want to play with moto3 modded you have to use the data.mix in moto3 folder.
    Unfortunally we can't play with all 3 classes modded at the same time.
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  5. i don't like it mate.....sorry
  6. What exactly you don't like? It's not a graphics mod..
  7. rkh


    Guys, A.I. Mod stands for Artificial Intelligence Mod. That's the computer. It relates to the skills and behavior of the riders on track. This is NOT a graphics mod, which reduces stuttering or the like.
    Also @DidiSabin, if you know all of that and you really don't like this A.I. Mod, be constructive. Let them know what you specifically don't like in order to help improve it. It's called community...mate.
  8. one Q did u change something about brakes, cause if u did me no like it :)
  9. rkh


    Read the description of what they changed, YES, changed the braking distance for all classes. Again, be specific. What class are you talking about? MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3?? MotoGP has VERY long braking distance f.y.i., you might not always see that when watching a race on TV because you don't have the depth. Watch onboard video and see how early they actually start to brake.
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  10. Yes, I change the braking point. The previous one was unrealistic, and you could brake a lot in the middle of the red racing line. Beat the AI in braking was too easy.
  11. ok so u change it, i feel now brake is so weak, dont now if u guys ever ride a real bike but this is so weak.... but not like i cant use to :D but 9 of 10 rating
  12. rkh


    have you ever ridden a MotoGP bike? I hope you are not comparing your own bike's braking distance to that of MotoGP...when you are approaching a corner at 210+ mph you think you can break at the 50m mark?
  13. This mod has the priority to make the competition against the AI better. It doesn't matter if the current braking distance is unrealistic (in your opinion), but it matter that the braking distance now is the SAME as the AI, and now overtake an opponent after a 1km straight long is a challenge like it should be in the reality. So, just have fun. I hope you understood my aim.
  14. I know some people might like the braking in MotoGP 14, because they can overtake a lot of people since they can stop the bike very late, almost while leaning. We think that is unrealistic, especially for MotoGP bikes. The handling now is much for close to the real ones, at least onboard videos wise.
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  15. rkh


  16. Exellent: but i have files moto2/motogp but real life performances work also for moto3..better
  17. The physic mod works on all 3 classes at the same time, when you choose the DATA.MIX file is only for the AI mod.
  18. is something wrong with the brakes! that's all...that's why i don't like it....
  19. Hello everyone,
    I think this mod is great, now lap times are similar to the real ones and it's harder to turn close to the track record.
    But I have a question: is it possible to decrease the braking stability (great for distance but perhaps too stable)?
  20. Thank you Jonix. I have only tried Moto3 so far but i'm finding it much improved over the standard game. Finished 1st on the Estrella Galicia at Brno on realistic difficulty on a 50% race by just 1.2secs which i think is a lot closer than before. My qualifying time was 2.07.3 which put me sixth, pole was 2.06.7. My race time improved to 2.06.1 and i was about .5 faster than Miller but it wasn't until two laps to go that i actually broke away and opened a gap! It was very enjoyable. Again Thankyou!!
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