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Mods PEUGEOT 306 maxi Panizzi rally di Montecarlo 2.1

peugeot 306 max for dirt rally

  1. peppinosan submitted a new resource:

    rally dirt peugeot 306 maxi - dirt rally, peppinosan, peugeot, peugeot 306 max,

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  2. Grazie Mille
  3. spero ti sia piaciuta ho curato la grafica nei minimi particolari guardando costantemente la foto dell'auto reale :) a presto
    ps lascia le stelline ( ratings) ;-)
  4. G.Panizzi had with the car number 16, in MONTE CARLO of 1998.
  5. I will just settle in thanks for observation
  6. Hello !

    Thanks for this skin. It's perfect :)
    But, he has an error^^

    Names on the right rear window are inverted with regard to those of the left rear window. An image of the car :


    It would be necessary to modify the rear right window by :

    H. PANIZZI (co-driver)
    G. PANIZZI (driver)

    Applauso ancora una volta. Questo skin è splendido! :)