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Petrov Speaks Out About Renault's Shortcomings

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by F1Fan1182, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Pretty outrageous first of all that they are calling this an "amazing outburst", but that's what the media do. He's simply laying a few facts out there about the things that went wrong or became stagnant with the car's development over the course of the season, in my opinion. But I'm also just going by what I've read, so his manner of doing this could be different than I'm interpreting. Also quite disappointing that he's immediately released an apology so soon. :rolleyes:

    Petrov Speaks About Team's Lack of Progress


    Petrov Immediately Apologizes
  2. Petrov is great guy !

    Unfortunately, that's F1 for you -_-
  3. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Stick Grosjean in th car for Brazil.
    Can't do any worse.
  4. And conveniently Räikkönen is now connected also to Renault/Lotus.. According to Auto Motor und Sport magazine (via Iltasanomat) Räikkönen wants to buy a share of the team along with driverseat and there's speculations that it will be either Renault or Williams.The share would be 20% with backing from middle-eat oilsheiks.. Rumours, gossip, bs?
  5. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I see Renault being more keen on that than Williams.
    Frank Williams is notoriously tight-fisted when it comes to selling shares of his businesses.
  6. I wouldn't say Petrov had an outburst; I think he's criticizing Renault for the lack of progress on the car. Which he's totally justified in doing, and he has a legitimate reason for being frustrated with the team.
  7. I understand Petrov completely! After the great start of the season no wonder he's frustrated about Renault's current performance!
  8. I personally think Petrov has done a good job, and would absolutely put down any lack of performance to the team rather than the driver (in his case). I would be surprised if Renault decided to drop him for 2012, he is the clear choice first driver considering the very unlikelyhood of Kubica making a return. Petrov has a good reason to be frustrated, starting the season with a fairly good car that didn't progress forward, then fearing for his seat in the car at the end of a season where he has by all means done a great job with what he was given, let down by those around him.
  9. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    Yes he has reason to be frustrated, but this is still an act of misconduct by a Renault F1 employee.
    I'm surprised he's not being punished in some form.

    Can you imagine how the guys in the garage are going to feel this coming weekend? Working their nuts off for a guy who's publicly slated them.
    I wouldn't take kindly to it if I was an engineer working on his car.
  10. How can they, hes bringin in so much money he can't do no wrong.

    Last year he would of been sacked instantly for that performance had he not brought hes russian millions
  11. I think the issues lies with the designers. They knew they would have to progress throughout the season but have fallen short. Petrov should have his say. The car is no good but not because of the mechanics, just the men at the top. IMO
  12. I think that poor LRGP performance is not only caused by drivers but also the car. If it was not upgraded for some time what can you expect. Even the best drivers will not help Lotus Renault now. Their only chance is to build a new car.