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Petition to remove physic mods from site

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by David Smith, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Hi all, since finding out there is no anticheat or mismatch feature in f1 2010 i think its best to remove all mods which alter the gameplay so to not spread use of cheating online. What you think?
  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    What do you mean exactly? Which mods do you consider cheats?
  3. The tyre grip mod, as used in this video
  4. The only tyre grip mod that's available here *reduces* the tyre grip.
    It has saved the game for me, as the default physics are pretty cr*ppy, and I sincerely hope more physics mods are coming! They're vital for all those who have bought the game hoping for at least a tiny little bit of simulation feel.

    I really really do hope that no mods will be rejected here just because they fall into the physics category!

    Just reailizin' that I have over-used the word "hope" a little in this post. Hopefully for a good sake.
  5. Im all for physics changes as i agree, they need alot of work. But if we spread these tools to edit physics/grip then online will be a mess. We have no other option.
  6. I think Codemasters must ban physics mods, and like GTA IV, it couldn't be used in online mode. But the textures, 3d, etc would caould be edited :)
  7. I absolutely do support the idea to ban such mods for multiplayer, but I still want the game to be moddable in any way one can think of when it comes to the singleplayer experience. The game lacks so much in the nuts and bolts department, and the only reason I haven't yet tried to get my money back is that I hope for decent mods.

    Besides, even lighting- and camera-mods could be considered cheating, as they allow for a much clearer view of the track and thus for better driving...thats why the solution cannot be to censor the mods on download-sites like this. It's up to Codemasters to have a better anti-cheat in multiplayer.

    @thread opener: You have started a thread in the CM forums, I just replied there that I support the idea as well, let's hope they take notice and action.
  8. I am sorry but would have to disagree, I do not play online so would like the option to change the grip levels plus any other MOD that I choose to use. To ban a MOD because it does not agree with your point of view or needs as a online gamer is not fair on other users. CM are the ones you need to petition to get there act together to stop MODs being used on their servers.
  9. the only thing that should be removed are trainers... how pointless is that anyway?
  10. YES, the greatest BUG i have ever seen. GREAT IDEA David Smith. Please do that!!

    @ Modder
    it's not your problem if the developers have not installed use it to lock, but it ruins the hole game more, than all the other bugs.
  11. i think your request is wrong, because mods are freely distributed, and freely used. if there is no anticheat system for online gaming then that's not the user or the modder's problem, they are free to use anything that alters the game. with respect to online gaming however, it's not cheating until CM puts something there that says it's cheating, otherwise there is absolutely nothing you can do about mods. they are free to distribute and free to use.
  12. You don't like it - so ban it.
    How far are you planning to take this?
    I don't like the Australian cricket team; let's ban them so they can never regain the Ashes. (they probably cheat :wink: )
    Because a few idiots cheat, then everybody else suffers. OK, there are going to be people (probably the same ones) that have illegal copies of the game - what do you do about them? I know, withdraw the game.
    Even if you withdraw the mods it will not stop the cheats. Do you seriously think the only people that can make modifications to the code are the modders that publish and share their work for us off-line players to use if we want. It is not difficult, and any mods will be freely available elsewhere.
    I drive a Lotus, but I have found a way to make me a lot faster than any other car if I wanted, using a "home made mod". It was an experiment I did and I don't have a lot of knowledge of coding. However, I do have a hex editor and common sense. I could now go on-line and blow you all away, but what's the point. I would know I was cheating, you would know I was cheating. Answer: don't race against me.
    (Personally, I am happy to struggle off-line and attempt to finish higher than 15th in qualifying and full length race)
    Leave the mods on the site - or ban the game.
  13. I'm sign by all this words!
  14. I agree DS for the moment anyway. However we should make allowance for bruno castello, just so he can keep up with us :D
  15. haha idd. need to have a section only for bruno :D

    Suprised to see the vote results here, guess most are interested in the singleplayer element of the game. May aswell lock this thread now, ill just need to accept that online for f1 2010 is over.


    (will be removing my name from this sundays race to, no point really)
  16. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    If you can edit preformace files without beeing detected online i can see were that becomes an issue.
    Modding is what eventually kicked me of rF as i never seemed to be able to get the right versions and it really just blew me of.

    I was hoping for a more closed game this time, unfortunatly thats not the case and i am not sure i am happy with it.
    So i voted "based on my personal opinion about mods" to remove them, go mod rF it was made for it this wasnt and it feels like cheating to me.

    All opnions expressed in the post a purley personal and not stated as facts.
  17. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    @DS: why not stop playing games in general as every game on pc is cheatable (unfortunately). But man you are really making a drama out of nothing. And with your comment you sign out for a race you implicate that we (your fellow drivers) are cheating?

    If so, then you really have absolutely no clue what racing in the RD racing club means: its about fun, having a laugh on teamspeak and have a good time with friends. It's not about winning or showing off how fast you are.
  18. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    His reaction towards the racers here might be a bit strong but there is some merit in his post imo.

    In regards to canceling events organized by RD....
    As long as i race with the RD guys i know the the change of cheaters is minimal, thats the whole point of racing in a club.
    Just join sunday and you see it yourself, last night was great fun to. It should not spoil your fun in the game so much.
  19. If on multiplayer and time trial we don't have exactly the same game and same car's performances it's bad. :frown:
    (private leagues and private room why not)
    That will be like rFactor with all the mods and modified files in the game, you never know if a guy is really fast or if his game is set and optimized perfectly.
    Instead of creating setups and learn tracks, I see now it's better to be computer engineer.
  20. Think you are getting wrong idea of where im coming from. I know all about cheating in gaming as i come from a FPS background, playing competitivly for as long as i remember. But even with fps games there is anticheat in place to catch out the majority of them.

    Im new to RD and im not and will NEVER accuse anyone of cheating, but with no anticheat/mismatch system in place its open for anyone to do as they please. Not everyone is 100% honest, you will come across alot of people who hate to lose and a simple tweak here and there to help them win will always happen.

    Im all for modding, ive been trying since beginning to find way of decrypting the .ctf files but now i really do hope nobody finds a way and posts in a public forum how to do it. As that will be the end of online for f1 2010. I just feel we would try minimise it by removing/blocking these sort of things to try save the game. Hopefully anticheat gets added for 2011..

    Hope you understand where im coming from here.