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Petition to give license to Slightly Mad Studios or make a better F1 game

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by chessmaster02, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. Give license to Slightly Mad Studios

  2. Tell Codemasters to listen to their fans and make a better game

  3. Don't buy F1 2015

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  1. Ken Hughes

    Ken Hughes
    Technically, alcohol IS a solution. Premium Member

    I would have signed your petition if you had just restricted it to the F1 2015 P.O.S. I don't think all the versions were that bad - I especially liked F1 2013. But the latest one ... I have no words to describe it. Or at least, none I can use under T & C of this forum.
  2. Sadly, this isn't going to change anything.

    If Codemasters get to keep the license, I think they'll learn from the terrible F1 2015 reviews but they definitely won't care about 'some people on the internet signing a virtual petition'. And about the FOM, well, it's not like they ever care about the fans so yeah, I might sound pessimistic but I don't think we can solve it like this.

    If you want a change then don't get the game - I was unfortunate enough to buy it from GMG so I couldn't get a Steam refund, if only to prove the point of the game not being up to the standards.
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  3. You want to give the F1 License to a developer whose open wheel racing AI is far worse than Codemasters? F1 2015 might not be the best in the series, but the AI don't cut through corners and dive bomb and wreck you.
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  4. I agree that Slightly Mad Studios doesn't seem like the best company to make an F1 game. Besides, I pretty much started disliking them for what they've pulled off with the Project CARS 2 announcement.
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  5. I can safely say that if SMS gets the F1 license then I will never buy another F1 game. Even with the bugs, F1 2015 is still a far better game in my opinion than Project Cars.
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  6. Not that a poll will make a difference but will be better if you did add more options to your poll.

    Sector 3
    Image space inc
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  7. Defnetly not Slightly Mads!! i would prefer other studios.... Like the post above me
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  8. Give license to Slightly Mad Studies??? Are you kidding?? This arcade-focused commercial crappy team??
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  9. This!
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  10. +1
  11. Pretty BAD poll I would say! Everything is focused against Codemasters! I find f1 2015 a very good game except some annoying bugs. The best in the series (AI + new handling model)
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  12. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    I'm fortunate enough to have had very little issue's with bugs.The only annoying thing has been the overly aggressive AI.But to me the handling and ffb are fantastic and it does look pretty good(not the best),but still good.

    You can please some of the people some of the time,but not all of the people all of the time.And as human's we just tend to voice our displeasure more than voicing our pleasure.The internet is rife with people complaining and focusing on negatives and threatening to kill each other over pointless things.

    But I suppose everyone is different,and what annoys one does'nt bother someone else.When I turn a sim on the first thing I focus on is the physics,and then the ffb.I don't crank the game up and start looking for bugs first.
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  13. Agreed Jake. I enjoy F1 2015. The only issue I've had is getting FFB and handling down but once I got that taken care of it's not bad at all.
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  14. I bought every F1 title by codemasters and looking back progress has been made but not as much as expected.

    Day 1 patch is not a good sign.


    Used to think Grand turismo was the one but then switching the game of and going to GSC or AC ....and you see the difference ...or should i say "feel"

    I haven't got the mind to bash games but can understand sometimes when people do as these games are not cheap for everyone...i paid £60 for an F1 title before...for a game that last only a year.

    When you look at small teams like Reiza studios and Kunos with 20 people or so and a team of 100...you have to ask the question..are they doing enough?

    Personally i think the licence is not being used to the full potential..... Poloyphony digital and iracing do more provide virtual to realty experience for gamers .....
  15. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Waste of time and effort.

    OP should be a politician, how to skew a question to get the result that you want. Not enough options.

    Q1 : Nope, and there's many more to choose from rather than just SMS
    Q2 : That has already been happening since F1 2010
    Q3 : Too late!
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  16. Still, maybe finally some will learn for 2016. It baffles me that people keeps pre-ordering anything from this series, but I guess some never heard of the most important consumer power (keep the money in your wallet).
  17. I've sign the petition !
    WHY ?
    I see a little irony in the OP.
    If SMS make a F1 Game, most people know what they get (bugs, graphic, etc), but with CM we didn't know. (or yes ? (where is the Carrer-Mode ?, where is the real legendary Ai, real Tyrewear, Safety Car,...))
    Year for year they promised us a better Game, new things, but i bought the same sh.t as every year.
    I've payed a lot of money and have to wait for patch after patch befor the game is playable.
    Remember of F1 2014...a bad made copy of 2013 for the same price ! It should be a addon not a full game.
    F1 2015 is a Beta, nothing to do with a full playable game for 50EUR ! If i buy a game, i will play and not wait !
    Everyone who had played Race-Room-Experience (free on Steam) know what i mean. Sure you "could" buy new contents, but this is what i expect from a game. So many features for free, online is realy funny. there are many discounts. I bought DTM 2014 and WTCC 2014 and Trackpacks and it's still lower price as F1 2015.
    I was to late for refund.

    So maybe late, maybe false, but i think we all should show CM that we dicontent with their Strategie.
    That is only my personal thoughts.
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  18. Get Geoff Crammond to make the next F1 game and we might get somewhere. But as long as developers are aiming their big sales at Console users, we will never ever get a proper F1 sim. The consoles are the death of mainstream PC race sims, if not now, they will be in the future.
    Thank god we have small developers not blighted by profit and greed. (And SMS are not in that small dev Cat;))
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2015
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  19. Absolutely spot on.
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