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PES 2011 or FIFA 2011?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Marcel Ascher, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Let me know, if you are a PES or FIFA fan. What will you buy this year ?
  2. I prefer FIFA 11 this year!!!!!!!
  3. Pro Evo has dropped the ball since 2008 edition - however, the new one plays great and I will get that, after two years of FIFA :)
  4. I am a PES fan since the beginning. I played ISS (International Superstar Soccer) before. I hated Fifa for the unrealistic gameplay since i played ISS (10 years ago maybe)...

    But this year FIFA 11 is great... very great gameplay.... I never thought i would say this anytime but FIFA has beaten PES this year in my opinion. If you wanna play FIFA more realistic set all assists off (when you choose the side). Then its great
  5. Fifa always beats PES hands down IMO and PES is too easy its a game for people who cant play fifa. Fifa 11 rocks PES 2011 sucks but thats just my opinion
  6. FIFA 11!! though it keeps crashing for me :( cant find any working solution
  7. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    What he said ^^
  8. i got PES11 for a while now (got it somwhere mid september, and I think those who're proclaiming PES as unrealistic apparently have never touched a ball or haven't tried the 2011 edition.

    Imo PES didn't do good after PES6 which was brilliant, and erm after PES6 I only bought FIFA, but this year I think they're really equal and it really depends whatyou like. I really like a more tactical vision on football, and in those situations PES is simply better.. Even tho PES misses a lot of licenses..

    I agree PES9 and 10 sucked balls.
  9. Fifa 11 is much better than pes 2011
  10. I like pes 2011!
  11. Fifa
  12. well usually pes, but i heard fifa 11 is a bit better on the PC.
  13. fifa 11, of course.
  14. pes, of course
  15. For me PES forever
  16. FIFA 11
  17. I prefer FIFA 11
  18. Fifa 11 a bit better (on PC of course) ;)
  19. pes 2011
  20. I prefer fifa11