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Personal Reviews / What you like / What you don't

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Leonardo Ratafiá, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. HI, i would like to open this thread (if you guys let me) so we can post our opinions, what we like and don't like so far, other than issues.

    i personally love all the sounds, when hitting the armco, grass, sand,
    i think the Supercharger noise is a bit low compared to the engine. the gear box grinding noise is nice aswell.

    The onboard camera is a bit dark compared to the other cameras due to the windshield of course.. (with F1) i could be better

    Dislike a bit : I would want to see that, at least with the engine revving up and with manual clutch, you could't just upshift to any gear above.
    i would've done it this way: you are in second and try to just shift up without pressing the clutch, first hear the grinding noise and don't let the gear go into 3rd gear. leave it in the Neutral, so you need to press the clutch and shift into 3rd again. maybe it's not possible.. but i bet you could do anything! at least in some rpm bandwidth

    the arms coordination it's very realistic when shifting, the fingers should be more in a closed position so it seems you are holding the wheel more firm.

    other than that... i think you guys nailed it. with just 500mb for this tech preview it shows amazing graphics and physics
  2. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Page up page down keys change the cockpit camera exposure :)
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  3. great, and when does the grey windows dissapear? can i set a value for default in some .ini file? i liked 40 exposure
    other question, the hud apps are going to be resizeable in 1.0? like

    Edit; with Home you exit :)
  4. LFS is a little too soapy, iRacing is a little to sensitive, and the thing I really do like in AC is that it got that right half way between the two.
    Please be the tire wear/degradation good in the full and I can finally race! :)
    (oh and that dampening option is really needed as it was in netkar pro)
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  5. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Oh sorry, press home key to disable the console
    No the HUD apps won't be resizable sorry, fixed size.
    Yes there is going to be a damping enable/disable etc option in the final release
  6. like: everything really.

    dislike: no proper racing car.
  7. Like: The sense and feel of driving a real car like no other sim ever has
    The menu and apps are amazing...load time is unbelievably quick
    Graphics are beautiful, even though I am still messing with settings to get AA better
    Sounds, FFB, pretty much everything

    dislike: having to patiently wait for V1.0
  8. Like: Well, actually everything: physics most of all; sounds; graphic is very nice overall; feel of the car; ffb is also pleasing even with my Logi DFP. Oh, and fully working alt-tabbing is great too!

    Dislike: These are only little suggestions: ingame graphics is just a little bit dull - maybe adding little more saturation, sharpness and more aggresive shaders would make it more crispy. But all in all, as I wrote earlier - if it stays like that it surely won't hurt me.

    Also menu animations of the buttons are a little bit too slow - if they would animate faster it would be really nice (especially car's colour menu is slow).
    I'd add also tooltips on hover with explenation which would say what concrete option does in the menus. Especially in controls menu (you know - explenation what does brakes gamma do, what does ffb gain do, what does filtering do etc.) and in race type selection.
    Such tooltips would also be great in car setup menu - what effects on car has got this and that option has.
  9. If there is one thing I would change..

    Don't force me to go back to the main menu to switch between H-shifter and Paddles, it really adds a lot of time between gameplay and was one of my pet hates in NetKar. When I play GT5 or Rfactor I can switch between either on the fly.

    Infact with GT5 if you use paddles it will become the main gear change, then if you use the gearbox without clutch it will autoclutch for you, but if you hit the clutch the game will then go into full clutch + h-shifter style manual, if you then hit the paddle shift it will go back to paddle shift, and it will do this all on the fly, so I could use a different system for every corner.

    I'm not saying it should be this way in Assetto Corsa but it is definitely a good way to change your driving type on the fly, rather than having to leave the race and then enter some menu everytime you want to switch.


    Graphics : are great, they could be a little more crisp in places, they seem very "soft" looking, but I like them loads.

    Sounds : are decent but not amazing, always room for improvement but it personally wouldn't bother me if the Lotus sounded as it is in the final model, the samples for the engine noise seem pretty good, I like the noise when my back end kissed the wall on the pit straight!

    Physics : Amazing, always room for improvements, tightening up different things but I have been very impressed with the physics, the Lotus is a joy to drive.

    FFB : I think it feels great, not much to say other than it gives the communications that I would expect and want while feeling like a real car, rather than feeling more like a fake FFB intended to only give information.

    UI : Pretty great, the menus look good and do the job well, the APP system is just genius. Need that option to switch H-shifter on/off during play tho!
  10. don't realy understand what you mean?? it is possible in reallife too to shift without clutch.. if you go off throttle.. it depends on the gearbox how good it works.. mostly it comes with a bit grinding noise... can be a bit tricky on some gearboxes (and then the gearbox also don't realy like what you are doing if you need to fiddel around and force it in :D )..

    downshifting is another thing... that is realy tricky without clutch... I needed to shift up and down without clutch in reallife as my clutch has gone in my old car... shifting up was quite easy.. just get off the gas and let it "roll" in (with a bit ccchrr lol)... downshifting on the otherhand was a pain .. for the hand, for the ears, for the feel and for the patience lol... and I bet for the traffic behind me :D

    and shifting up with jumping a few gears.. for example from 2nd to 4th.. should be possible with an h-shifter in AC.. didn't tried it yet...

    ohh now I think I got what you mean... that when you misshift that it should stuck in the gear where it is but should go in neutral? .. I think that already happend to me in AC but don't realy know... but that too if I have trouble to shift in a gear in my realcar I think I also jump back to the gear before as reaction.. or?? hmm don't know.. doesn't happen often to me lol... I just try to imagine lol... hmm don't know.. I think I just would get of the clutch a bit and then stamp on it again fast.. and push the gear in.. hmm don't know.. don't have much problems in reallife with shifting (except that broken clutch (the car was 14 years old as it happend and still had it's 1st clutch and was bought 2nd hand and was driven before by an old couple... had the right to fail then lol :D)

    but what I was doing to try in AC.. was just brutally shift up and down without clutch.. and let the grind sound appear as long till it shifted lol...but I think that only worked because mechanical damage is not activated in the TP... :D .. maybe that is the thing what you mean that it should go in neutral then... however with mechanical damge I think the gearbox wouldn't survive that :D

    however... I would love to use my clutch and h-shifter propably with heal toeing and all the pedal ballet... but my desk is so low that I can't lift my legs to change the pedals lol.. so I am reallife physically stucked to paddle shifting lol
  11. I think the only few things that bother me are that tyre smoke is a bit too eager to appear, for example slamming on the brakes at 20mph creates way too much tyre smoke when really there should be barely any. Also dust and smoke comes in through the cockpit which is pretty jarring.

    Also I feel that the barriers are too bouncy, when you hit them it feels like they are actively pushing the car away from them but maybe that has something to do with having damage disabled.

    Then aside from that I can only really say that I wish you could see your car in the cockpit mirrors like in iRacing.

    Very much looking forward to driving the rest of the cars and tracks!
  12. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Its certainly not limited to this sim alone but I have noticed something quite a lot in various other sims including this one. When the unloaded wheels on the car take the curb on the apex there is no noise or feedback to confirm that you've actually got your wheels on the raised curbs. As I said, I know it's the unloaded side of the car but the tyres are still in contact with surface and you will definitely still hear and feel this through the steering, no?
  13. I definitely had a rumble in the FFB and a very audible noise when I got my inside tyres on the rumble strip.
  14. Aristotelis

    Kunos Simulazioni

    Can I ask your steering wheels guys? Logi? Fanatec? Thrustmaster?

    thanks in advance

  15. Totally agree.
    I hope Kunos release a heavier more powerful car in the demo, as I believe that will showcase the the underlying quality of the physics better.

  16. Hi,

    Thank you for that, what is the default value please, I modified without take a look before :whistling:
  17. I'm using a Logitech Driving Force Pro with overall effects strength a 100%, spring effect and damper effect strength at 0% and 900 degrees of rotation in the wingman panel. I am using default force feedback in Assetto Corsa.

    As a side note, where do I go to change the FOV?
  18. C:\Users\senad\Documents\Assetto Corsa\cfg\camera_onboard.ini
  19. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Using a DFGT but hopefully a G27 in the next few weeks
  20. Derek Speare

    Derek Speare
    DSD FTW!

    I like it all and only do not like the part where we have to wait on the full release :)