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Performence problem

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by systron010, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Hey my system is:

    Intel Core i3-350 2,3 Ghz
    Radeon HD5145 1GB
    Memory 4GB
    Windows 7 64 Bit
    (F1 2010 runs with medium graphic good.)

    When i play F1 2011 on low details it lags on some tracks for example Austraila.On ohter tracks like Bahrain it runs ok.
    Is this now a software/driver problem or is my system to slow for the game?

  2. im in the same boat...most tracks run just fine but i get occasional stutters/lag/skips on some tracks, usually with a lot of ai


    2009/2010 Asus g72gx gaming laptop
    Core2duo p8700 2.53ghz
    Nvidia gtx260m
    6gb of ddr3
    win7 64bit

    unfortunately i thnk it may be a processor issue, not being able to load the track and AI quick enough in some corners. plus CM is known for poor multicore optimization. although i can run d3 just fine.
  3. Your system is definitely a low end.. but I would suggest you to set your replay.pbf file to ''read only''! it will improve those performance lags a bit!
  4. cant find this file. where is ist?
  5. it should be here:
  6. yes, there is in this folder...so put the "replay.pbf" to "read only" on properties...it solved the problem for me...
  7. doesnt work on my computer. Think my system here is so bad. But will buy a new pc soon. Someone has a good offer for a pc^^
  8. How did you get Bahrain? It's not in F1 2011.
  9. sry i mean abu dabi^^