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Performance across different platforms

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by funkygib, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Has anybody discussed with mates how the performance between different platforms and controllers? I am comparing my TT times with a mate who is on Xbox using a controller, I am on PC with a Momo wheel. I am better on some tracks and he is better on some, I just want to know is it a fair comparison.
  2. normally the a wheel would also win in given circumstance.. i run the game on xbox and pc.. and im always after with wheel on the pc.. because on the xbox im with the controller.. so the wheel actually has more precision
  3. I think time is the underlying factor. Whilst I agree using a wheel has more precision, the wheel vs pad handicap decreases as time goes on.

    I'm currently using a 360 pad on PC. I also have a PS2 pad I use for other PC games... but it doesnt come close to the 360 pad when it comes to racing games
  4. b4 i got my wheel.. i was playing on the was on 360 using the pad.. i was doing great too then.. but the wheel has a definite advantage
  5. hi guys, running on momo wheels.
  6. Ive have always noticed a massive issue with times regarding the different platforms, i check the setups and even with all my trying i cannot get close to some times ( 10 seconds appart on some).

    I use a G27 wheel on PC, legend AI ( with Ai mod for faster and more defensive ), just started using manual and traction off. but before that just realistic flags damage ect and i still notice a difference.

    Its a shame we cannot have a section for the different platform on the forums but then it splits the threads and forum up, no issues with that for me as it would give a true indication of the diiference.

    problem is a lot of people dont list when posting times ect what platform they are using, but yes there is a huge difference.

  7. I always feel as if i cant compete against some of the times posted by PC users (I being on Xbox). Ive seen vids and they look no quicker than me but for some strange reason are. Some of the downchanging of gears and braking look unrealistic compared to what i can achieve, perhaps its just practice though.
  8. funny that because i seem to be slower against xbox, oh tried Kula lumpa on manual, yeh that worked well. back to auto for a while i think !!
  9. I would think that on pc you would have an advantage since the game is loaded onto the system (I am on ps3) plus you can do mods and I can't.
  10. i tried the game on a ps3.. and i was faster than pc..
    so i guess.. its just us and our head..
  11. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I stuck with auto gears until last Thursday as I too felt that manual was above my capabilites at the moment. However, I can tel you that manual is definitely the way to go. It is much quicker than relying on the gears the game thinks you should use and very quickly becomes second nature.
  12. I have found that a good wheel setup allows the moves to become natural, but with everything in life you get luckier the more you practice. I can see that it is not really clear who has an advantage, but I feel more in the game when I'm turning my MOMO wheel and pressing peddles. I have seen vids of the gear changes, very quick, so I want to get to using manual gears soon.
  13. there is no wrong setup.. its only a matter of preference and style..
  14. I use 360 controller on PC and started gear changing manually last week as Fahad discovered along with a few others :D And I was atrocious but now it is much better I go through corner's in higher gears than auto would and also use the break a lot less frequently and intensely due to engine breaking in fact some corner's I used to break for I do not even have to now as I can toggle my speed and turning depending on what gear I am in, short shifting also help's in some circumstances and dropping a gear for a speed boost when needed. I think the general opinion is PC time's are faster !
  15. Key term "SHORT SHIFTING" - iLike

    luckily we really dont have to deal with Engine Radiator size and stuffs, or else, we could all be frying our engines up..
  16. Yeah I tried that in neutral and kept full throttle for 2 min's GF wasn't happy :D but my engine was okay and not even any extra engine ware, bit crap that really I am trying to figure it out as the command's for engine explosion's are there but it seem's not implemented (I think for F1 2011) Like the pit wall has animation command settings for pit crew to hold board's out like a real GP and also a chequered flag man animation command for the race start and fin (10 second duration) not implemented. And have you noticed all those grey boxes on post's that look like speed camera's ? well they are for the safety car warning's but not implemented, so they were gona have one just it will be 2011, lots of old dirt code as well and code not used (F1 2011) So I don't think 2011 is going to be much different to 2010 to be honest, just a safety car and these animation's turned on the rest will be pretty much the same you mark my word's and remember this post. Gosh I hope I am wrong o.O
  17. i just book marked this thread and your post no..

    if codies want, they make an absolute stunning and brilliant F1 game that anyone will ever experience.. and the best part is they dont need to think, just go thru the wish list in codies forum.. even if they can implement half of the things ppl are expecting, it would make an awesome game..

    oh abt the speed cam.. really haven't noticed it.. i guess i should look on either sides every now and then.. all i see while driving is "STRAIGHT".. Lolz.. kinda narrow minded..

    recently had a race on rFactor, and after the formation lap, the race start kinda got delayed for a couple of extra seconds and my engine oil and water temp went up crazily.. a few more seconds, i would have finished even before the race had started..
  18. My GF says she likes racing games but not corner's :D she does not like them at all tea hee
  19. wow.. same goes with my wife.. only thing she does have an additional comment.. she says she doesnt like brakes..