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Penalties handed following cheating

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. It is with great dissatisfaction that FSR is obliged to inform its members about another case of cheating, taking place during the World Series Montreal event.

    During the week before the race, the registered team owner of Sim-Dream.com, Alexandr Kacherghin (previously known in FSR as Alexander Balanesko), was spotted setting a lap time of 1:14.852 on the official hot lap server. Notably, Balensko alias Kacherghin's 2nd sector time was roughly 1 second faster than the one set by Bono Huis in WC Q1.

    During the official World Series event, the same trend continued. Sim-Dream.com drivers Andre Hoffmann and Jordi Surralles were both able to match the sector 2 times of frontrunner Jeffrey Rietveld in qualifying, whilst losing a disproportional amount of time in sector 3. This trend continued in the race.

    Due to the delicate nature of the subject, no technical evidence is released to public, following FSR's policy of previous cheating cases. This is done in order to protect the information which the FSR Manager records and to protect the anti-cheat methods it uses. Instead, the replays of team owner Balanesko alias Kacherghin and all Sim-Dream.com drivers are provided as links below, compared with frontrunner Jeffrey Rietveld's Q1 replay. The participation of Jean-Pascal Keller was limited to pre-qualifying, yet both of their replays display the same anomaly in turns 4-5 and 7-8.

    FSR wants to highlight that in this case, the cheating was not incidental, but rather systematical, starting with the actions of Balanesko alias Kacherghin earlier in the week on the test server. Judging from the replays, each Sim-Dream.com driver was well aware of where and how to apply the cheat, and therefore the team as a whole shall be penalized. Even though FSR feels that the order has come from the team management, each driver is found equally guilty.

    With regards to above, the ISR Club Board has agreed with the following penalties being issued with immediate effect:

    - Lifetime ban for Teams Sim-dream.com Racing Team and Sim-dream.com Racing 2
    - Lifetime ban for Alexander Balanesko alias Alexandr Kacherghin for cheating on the FSR server and with this clearly suggesting he knew the cheats were used in his team.
    - Lifetime ban for Andre Hoffman for cheating on the FSR server and in the WS Canadian GP
    - Lifetime ban for Jordi Surralles for cheating in the WS Canadian GP
    - Lifetime ban for Jean-Pascal Keller for cheating in the WS Canadian GP

    While cheating is a very volatile subject, please stick to the forum rules if you wish to discuss this topic.

    Alexandr Kacherghin Free Practise
    Andre Hoffmann Q1
    Jean-Pascal Keller PQ
    Jordi Surralles Q1
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  2. Incredible. Great job by John to catch those .. how should we call them actually ?
  3. Really great job to figure it out!!!!
    Its just...
  4. Nice catch guys !
    This cheat reminds me something familiar... :sneaky:
    Keep the great work to ambush cheaters. This is the illness of simracing.
    Don't know how we can be proud to do this... :unsure:
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  5. Cant beleave this! It even looks so stupid to watch those laps.
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  6. Great Job John.
    I cant belive it either..
    They should really get a lifetime ban..thats not the right place here for cheating, they can do that on publics.
    BTW: On the stream they said "Andre Hoffmann" is my brother, but he isnt..i have nothing to do with him..just to make it clear.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Busted:thumbsup:
  9. Hahaha that was hilarious!
  10. Turbo boost!:thumbsdown:
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  11. This just proves cheaters get nowhere! Great catch! :thumbsup:
  12. Nice work :)
  13. We have a very clear message to all cheaters, and here it is:

    Take care, brush your hair.
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  14. Great Job John.;)
  15. It's really sad to see these things happening, but at the same time, great to see that FSR continues to give the message that cheating will not be tolerated.
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  16. I'm also sad, but i agree to all this. I have nothing to say but sorry, just a big mistake by all of us at the team, we could have choosen anyway. Bye and good luck.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. You guys do know what Balanesko sells mods with ripped models on his website?
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  19. Yeah, reminds you of your team manager :rolleyes:
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  20. Hi all!

    First of all, I am sorry about this item, but I am not a cheater.
    I have known of this yesterday and I was shocked!
    I only drove in montecarlo because the 1rst of June I started to work and I couldn't race on Montreal. It seems that somebody raced in my name, using my profile and I can prove it.

    I only want to let you know that, because is important for me. Now I will try to explain it to the organization.


    Eduard Batalla.