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Penalties a bit harsh?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Alex Ball, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    Just got back into iRacing after a year or so of not playing. I got back into it last week, and my license thing was B 2.73. I spent a hard week doing practices, a load of time trials, then a qualifying session which brought my score to B 2.83. I then entered a race this evening, in the LMP2 cars, with the vettes and fords too, around Mid Ohio.

    I started in 2nd, then dropped to 3rd after the first corner, and then carried on breaking away from 4th. After 10 laps or so, I was lapping a slower GT car, and slipped a rear wheel onto the grass, spinning me off the track and into a wall. My car was too damaged to continue.

    My score thing is now B 2:74..

    So, after a week of working my score up, I find myself back where I started, but a week less on my subscription, and a week less before the license upgrades to get back up to 3.0.

    I think that's a bit harsh for what was a silly mistake? It's also a shame they can't repair my car in the pits so I can do more laps to make the incident less severe.

    Just me?
  2. About going into the pits, well, you said you smashed the wall... In pretty much every type of cars your race would be over, so I guess for the sake of simulation you have to live with it...

    For the penalties, well, it's surely because they don't take into account driver's errors... What you got was what a driver who drives carelessly would have got I guess... A computer can't calculate human variables so...
  3. yeah they can seem a bit harsh at times, I still have yet to figure out how exactly they are calulating the SR. I know the main story behind it but race after race it's always different even with the same finishes with no inc points. If you think the penelty is harsh for a B license you aren't gonna like the A level inc's. I have lost as much as .3 on mine for 1 inc during a race, however I have gained anywhere from .1 to .2 as well.
  4. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    I have no problem being penalised, but the bonuses for doing well should also be high. Or, you should be able to race lower race levels in easier cars and still get a bonus, rather than not get anything.
  5. I got a .66 gain earlier this week.
  6. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    I did not realise you could earn license points from doing the lower-teir races. Amazing! - I am now back up to almost 3.0 after just 2 good sessions in the radicals.

    I take it all back ;)
  7. But be careful the penalties can be even worse considering the races are shorter. Even just 4 inc. could drop my SR a good bit in a Late Model, and that is just one class lower than my current.
  8. SR calculated over the course of a couple of 100 corners. So if you crash on lap 3 or 4 with only two inc you'll lose SR because you didn't do that many corners. With my A license in the 4+ region i can take about 3/4 inc per race before losing SR. But that's also depending on the length of the race and how many corners a track has. In the Proto/GT and FW31 races are 40-60mins and a full race is 30 or more laps. It's easy to understand that 4 inc in 35 laps will give you a better SR then 4 inc in 15laps.