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Pedal/FFB and Tire Display

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by David Lavenhagen, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. I am looking for a pedal/FFB display as well as a tire temp/pressure display for GSC2013.

    Anyone know of one?
  2. You mean something like DashMeterPRO? For GSC2013 I use the rFactor version with my Galaxy S2 mounted to my wheel and it just works prefect. I also tried vracingDisplay but found DashMeterPRO to be more customizable.
  3. Thanks Oliver. I was thinking more like the on screen pedal overlay (think AC or iR) that shows clutch/brake/gas/FFB mainly to see that all pedals are working properly and to dial in FFB clipping.

    I have found the tire temp display but it does not include the current pressures. I know you can look after a session to see what your max pressure was but it would be nice to see real-time data while in practice or warm-up in order to change pressure to compensate for left-or-right dominant tracks.

    It seems that most rF mods work with GSC? I am very new (3 months) to the sim racing so I am not well versed in all the past sims.
  4. DashMeterPRO displays throttle/brake input and tire temp and pressure (I don't know if the pressure is displayed in real-time or if it is the value you dialed in in the garage. I'll check that...). You also have a g-meter which might be helpful to find your max ffb value or to avoid ffb-clipping, but it's not as comfortable as the ffb bar overlay in iR...

    There are a few websites where you can find mods (tracks, cars...) already converted for GSC.