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PC keeps crashing after patch

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Martin Baines, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone.

    Ive tried a search for 'crashing after patch' without success.

    my problem is - game worked fine, then i installed the patch, and it crashes after around 1 minute on track.

    i have done a fresh install of the game, minus patch and save files etc, but it continues to crash!!

    any help is much appreciated
  2. ***UPDATE****

    Ive narrowed it down more...

    if i play time trial, then everything is fine (no crashes at all). as soon as i go to a carear mode and start first practice at Bahrain, then it crashes after a minute or so driving...

    everything is ok whilst in pits or on menus, just the driving

    thanks in advance
  3. Maybe it is some overheating issue or something?

    As time trial only involve 1 car.

    Try a grand prix with all 24 cars and see if it crash? As having more car require more processing power which probably explain why it crash because either your CPU, VGA or RAM is overworking but the cooling is not sufficient and therefore it crashed the game?
  4. If the game ran ok before, but now even a vanilla install is crashing then it does seem like a hardware issue of some sort. Do other games crash?
    But if it was hardware, I would have thought your entire PC would crash rather than just the game, so it is a strange one!
    Maybe you should download Prime95 and run a blended torture test on your PC. This will highlight whether your rig CPU or RAM is unstable. You may want to run RealTemp so you can monitor your temperatures whilst testing.

    What hardware are you running anyway?
  5. Thanks guys.

    I have a dell xps 17.
    intel 740QM
    4GB Ram
    3gb Nvidia 445m GT

    I thought of overheating, so i played COD Black ops for an hour, and the laptop got a lot hotter than it does with F1.

    ive tried a complete uninstall using REVO PRO, but to no avail.

    I will try the Grand Prix and see if that crashes.

    Thanks to you guys for the advice
  6. Well guys....

    it crashes anytime there are AI cars involved, Grand Prix mode, or Carear mode, but not TT.

    ran the REALTEMP, and PRIME95. no problems, temp is well under 80'

    im stuck now, cos until i updated the patch, i never had a problem
  7. Im sure you checked, but you're 100% sure after the uninstall there were no left over files in My Docs > Games > FormulaOne (where your save games and settings are) and the F1 root was totally gone?

    This is a weird one for sure!
  8. I deleted everything containing F1, Formula one, codemasters etc, from everywhere possible, and reinstalled the game, and it still crashed.

    i then tried starting with a different name and it doesnt crash !!! so there must be something hidden somewhere that i didnt see, although i am pretty certain i deleted evreything in docs, etc pertaining to my profiles for games.

    thanks for all the advice guys, and sorry if i seem to have wasted everyones time on this issue. im a bit apprehensive about trying the patch again !!!
  9. I had it too when I tried to play with a Nvidia card. Now I have a ATI 6970 and there are no problems at all.
  10. Glad to knowim not going nuts.

    Still dont know wether to install patch again because i also noted that if i installed any mods (tyres, AI, cameras) it also crashes the game

    Surely i must be doing something wrong !!!