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PC: I swear that driver aides are on when switched off!!!

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by anthonyl59, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Im using the PC version and in expert mode / all aides turned off...however on some tracks I have noticed that if you are coming down a straight and going too fast..the engine revs drop (by themselves) and the car seems to slow down a bit. It's like some sort of braking assist is on (by a fraction)..not a lot but enough to notice it.

    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed it?
  2. I have noticed it but dont think its anything to do with the aids.

    Trying to remember what circuits it does it on hmmm..

    Abu Dhabi - on the right hand side of the longest straight
    Singapore - On the right of the longest straight
    Perhaps Valencia.

    Thinks sometimes it just doesnt like you going off line slightly and then slows you down a tad.
  3. it happens if ur going on the kerbs of long straights..
  4. Cant says ive noticed that but i do feel the steering help through the corners with i could turn it off.
  5. if there is a bump on the straight its a different story.
  6. Yep...those are the main ones...

    Thank God its not just me.
  7. Yeah if you hit the painted areas on Abu Dhabi, it slows you down. Haven't driven around Singapore or Valencia enough yet to find all those spots there.
  8. there is a hidden aid called stability management which is switched on all the time, it is only disabled when you drive at legend level.
  9. really !!? didnt know that does the steer assists disabled too on legend level?
  10. Are you sure about that? Do you have an URL or some kind of source to back that up?
    I sometimes felt that changing the AI level indeed does change the handling of the car. However, I always thought that'd be some kind of illusion, 'cos faster opponents mean more pressure mean higher probability of mistakes. And by changing the AI level I'd expect to....well, change the AI level, not the handling model.
    Anyway, if there is some kind of proof that AI level affects car handling, I'd love to see it!
  11. Legend Level? How do I access Legend Level....I only have EXPERT level as the hardest setting.
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    That is because you are driving (cutting) on the run-off areas :) If you stay between the white lines that mark the track, the car will never slow down by itself :)
  13. Hmm, i wouldnt say im cutting when i get slowed down, put it this way - if an F1 car (in real life) was in the places on the track that i get slowed down on the stewards wouldnt give a blind bit of notice to it! :)

    And one other thing, whats with this steering help?? Cant say ive ever noticed anything trying to steer me through corners. Strange
  14. ok, maybe BRAM is correct you are driving on roadmarks or potholes etc. the only way to prove it is by trying this out in the file, which is modified grip level and all the surfaces have good grip, and the dusty tarmac and concrete also have similar grip to the racing tarmac.. if u don't slow on the straights anymore then perhaps it means u were racing off the racing line..

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  15. here in the database there are these lines.

    <difficulty start="458052681" end="notExist">
    <ABS type="int">0</ABS>
    <ai_level type="int">3</ai_level>
    <braking type="int">0</braking>
    <car_damage type="int">2</car_damage>
    <difficulty type="int">3</difficulty>
    <dynamic_racing_line type="int">0</dynamic_racing_line>
    <flashbacks type="int">0</flashbacks>
    <fuel_simulation type="int">1</fuel_simulation>
    <gearbox type="int">1</gearbox>
    <pit_box_control type="int">1</pit_box_control>
    <pit_limiter type="int">0</pit_limiter>
    <rules_flags type="int">1</rules_flags>
    <stability_management type="int">0</stability_management>
    <steering type="int">0</steering>

    <traction_control type="int">0</traction_control>
    <tyre_wear type="int">1</tyre_wear>

    as u can see the ai might be in LEGEND level and difficulty is at EXPERT but u can still switch steering assist and stability management on / off. steering assist i think helps to put down opposite lock if u are about to spin..
  16. what file is this and where can i find it please.