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PC Braking

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by anthonye, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Could someone help here as the Codemaster forum seem to want to treat people like idiots when a question is asked.
    This is the PC version

    I have noticed that no cars have brake lockup in Practice or Qualify. The odd thing is that in race only that works, they do lock up. I have tried different size discs and full forward bias on the setups also different changes to wheel settings settings. I took off the Logitech GT wheel and used the keyboard to see if it was different, but it was the same.
    Although the ABS and other aids are turned off, it seems that the ABS in Practice and Qual is permanantly on, but off in the race.
    Changed Brake pressure in setup to high, this did not make any difference either.
    Anything else to check ?
  2. your wasting your time m8 the pc game is full of little bugs like this there will be a patch soon. i have found this to be alot better forum than the codemasters one i dont think they like anyone
  3. I thought that as well being one of the many bugs, thanks for the reply, I will stay on this forum I think.

  4. I have put this if at the codemaster forum as someone found a get around for it.

    Originally Posted by Raven159x [​IMG]
    this could be a one off I dont know, but I just stumbled on something regarding the ABS. While doing my first practice session I did a stint of about 10 laps, ending with a front right puncture. Having hung around this forum for the past couple of days and reading the problems people have had, I kinda expected a puncture at somepoint lol. Anyway, I began messing around while driving to the pits and realised that slamming on the brakes I just could not get them to lock, so having not properly looked at the expert difficulty settings I thought I mite have ABS on. Checked the settings and ABS said OFF, so for a test I turned it ON, went back in-game. Slam on. No lock.
    Changing the setting back OFF, well, suddenly my tires are screeching everytime I press the brake hard.
    Went out with some fresh rubber again for another test and, again couldn't get the wheels to lock. Did that ABS settings ON, OFF, thing and I'm leaving nice big black lines in the braking zones.

    As I say, could be a one off or related to tire/brake temps.

    using PC with logitech momo wheel, all controls pretty much default.

    Yes you are dead right with it. It seems that the ABS needs to be turned on then off to get the brake lock like you said. I have fiddled around and found that the problem with the ABS being on, is when you leave the garage, with the ABS off. When you go to track and select a sector to start or a flying lap, the bug is not there because you have not left the garage/pit lane. This shows why the bug does not arise from the start of the race, as you start on the grid not from the garage.

  5. What you might wanna try is changing the saturation of the brake pedal in the advanced controller setup. I´ve noticed that when you put it on 65 you get more realistic locking when you brake to hard. Same goes for wheel spin with the throttle, just put the saturation of the throttle to a lower value... just change it and try how you like it.