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Patch is out

Discussion in 'MotoGP 14' started by cfiore, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. According to the official FB page the patch has been released.

    The first patch for MotoGP™14 is out now on Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita and on PlayStation®4*

    Here is the official changelog:

    ✓ Fixed tyre compound texture color
    ✓ Fixed AI qualification times
    ✓ Fixed custom rider corruption in Showroom (PS4 ONLY)
    ✓ Fixed missing hands in cockpit view (PSVita ONLY)
    ✓ Fixed winning picture in magazine
    ✓ Fixed engine sound during free camera
    ✓ Fixed ideal trajectory toggle
    ✓ Fixed Safety Car skid marks and particles
    ✓ Improved Safety Car engine sound

    *Windows PC® and Steam will be announced later.
  2. WHAT? A thousand of bug and they solved only those little things?
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  3. rkh


    that is only for consoles ;)
  4. and not for all cause i'm italian and on ps4 there no patch yet
  5. Wow... that is ... heartbreaking..
  6. Okay but the bright side is at the quali times :)
  7. Anyone on PS4 have any luck getting the patch?
  8. Has anyone seen any difference with the pc patch? Mine supposedly downloaded, but I can not see any difference. Game still does not exit properly. I can only see a new DLC folder, no other new files, so I am not convinced it has patched properly given Milestone's previous record with the non working demo. So far, I'm very disappointed. Trying a full reinstall now in case it makes any difference.

  9. where have you seen that the pc game was patched? the pc patch is not yet out so there cannot be a difference between game and nothing! :D i' think you were deceived from the announce on facebook for a patch that is not yet out also for ps4 i'm italian and feel ashamed for those bad work of milestone
  10. sagnok, yesterday I turned steam on and it started updating MotoGP14.
    At the end of the updating, I started the game and it said 'Laguna Seca DLC loaded', even though I have not bought Laguna Seca DLC.
    However, it seems to have been an error, and the folder has since disappeared - maybe the Laguna Seca DLC was being uploaded for some & I received part of the update by mistake for some reason.

    So no update yet, thanks for the reply :(
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2014
  11. Patch is out for PC, DVD and digital version. Don't know whether it'll update via steam automatically or one's got to do it manually. Beware if you got Moto GP on last partition it'll run n search whole datas till finally "Can't find MotoGP.." on your system. Good luck guys with this milestone of software.
  12. What i need to install the patch properly? Specific folder? Says all the time searching and can't find. Thanks.
  13. Is it an actual pc patch or just Laguna Seca dlc?
  14. so i download the pc patch 1.0 from the motogp14 site and try to patch my legit steam version of the game and resoult? NOTHING ! absolute notnhing happens cause the patch exe not recognized the game folders ahahaahaha it's really lot more ridicolous what i' have thinked they have made a patch non patch exe it's very funny
  15. Prior to mention of any patch, the loading screen stated the version was 1.0. Checking the official website, it says the patch is still version 1.0 (which I can't even download from the website). And whatever steam downloaded the other day, it just says I now have the Laguna Seca DLC but the version number hasn't changed on the loading screen. Milestone, why you so confusing?
  16. Same here, it has definitely NOT patched anything on my system. I have emailed them, they need to know the patch has not worked properly if that is what it was supposed to be.
  17. yeah! so must be a great patch,correct some bug? no the save controller bug still there and also the carrier option bug stille there ahahahaha
    seriously it's so' difficoult in five months to solve two so big bugs? every time enter the menu' you must restart the controller config and every time you choose the carrier to play cannot exit without shoutdown the prog
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2014
  18. rkh


    patch sucks!
  19. jimortality

    Premium Member

    I'm hearing they've lost the MotoGP licence and they are making a new game called Ride.