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Patch and no-dvd exe?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by JeDa, Nov 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    I use the NO-DVD exe because I dont like to have the DVD in the player all the time. Does the patch work with this exe or should I replace the no-dvd exe with the orriginal?

  2. It's unlikely that the patch will work with that exe, you should replace it with the original before updating.
  3. I was also wondering about that, but decided to patch it anyway.
    The no-dvd.exe still seems to work without any problems so far.
  4. i have installed the patch on my cracked f1 2010 game and it works very good.
    and i even did'nt replace the exe file with the original.
    have fun with install this patch because it makes the game more stabile and faster.
    i come of a frame rate of 85 fps and after the patch i have 98fps.
    so its very much improvment with the savegames too never beeing corupted again.
    with farther greetings

  5. Hi I too installed the patch without touching the no-cd.exe,downloaded and install manualy. FPS has doubled and the anoying bobbing head in T Cam view has gone completely, No problems so far.
  6. [RD Staff Edit: posting links to cracked software is against RD rules]
  7. MephistopholesX


    just run the patch...no isue's with crack game at all...well none that ive seen, so glad now hough i have acess to advance steering options :)
  8. stop talking about crack! You dirty pirates and stealers! :mad:
  9. If you bought the game and want to run it without using the CD, are you still a pirate?
  10. No... Arrrggghhh! (pirate voice) :)

    It is working 100% for me.
  11. You see, what jorgemoraes posted is pirating. I bought the game and have it on DVD (yay, no steam!) and want to run it without the dvd.

    Seeing as I now uninstalled the patch, I can do so happily!
  12. Idem. And my version is legal...
  13. What is so bad having a crack no CD-.exe. It's a ball ache having to load the disc everytime you wanna play,Plus NO scratches on disc to worry about.
  14. I might try this as I prefer not to have the DVD in the drive all the time. Please could yo confirm that this wont screw up my existing career

  15. Why not back up your saved player data first ????????? ya numpty!!! I thought anyone knew that?
  16. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    ***Lock on this topic***

    We don't support piracy in anyway here at RD. If you are too cheap to buy a game than please spare us your thoughts on the game guys and go to www.crawlbackunderyourrock.com/piracy.html
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