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PassingBeforeLineRoad=3 dosnt work right?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by PATR10T, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. // Whether passing is allowed on starts and restarts before the start/finish line; default=0, possible values
    // are 1=passing on right is legal, 2=passing on left is legal, and 3=passing anywhere is legal.

    we have set this on our mods rfm file but on every online race we did it looks like it dosnt work, if someone is overtaking before the line he will get a penalty...

    is it a games bug or i have to add this to every tracks gdb? or whats the problem there?

    same for the FormationSpeedKPH = 120, looks like on the mods rfm its useless? the formation speed was always around 80kmh instead of 120... on none other file like the tracks gdb there isnt this entry what could override the rfm one... any ideas about it?
  2. 83 views but no answer? :thumbsup:

    there so much sce servers online but noone can help? :(