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Pascal cards

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by William Wester, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. William Wester

    William Wester

    Anyone using a new Pascal card (GTX 1070/1080) and find a graphic settings sweet spot? I've just upgraded my GTX980 to GTX1070, most benchmarking is showing around 15-30 FPS increase.
    What confuses me is this card is only showing around 50-60% usage, CPU even lower, but I'm not able to maintain 60 FPS @ 3440x1440 at some points in my limited testing (Sebring, most settings MAX).
    AMS, F1 2016, AC, and pCARS on the other hand run fantastic utilizing FastSync (FastSync doesn't seem to work with rF2). rF2 ran decent (not MAX) with my GTX980 but I don't see much improvement with the 1070.
  2. Sebring is a poorly optimized 3rd party track. Gorgeous, but poorly optimized. That stretch going past the pits is renowned for being an fps hog... Compare with an optimized track, like Bugatti. Try running without vertical sync; Pascal isn't as well-behaved as the 900 series with it turned on.

    I'm running 5760x1080 (triple screens) with a GTX 1080. Used to do so with a GTX 970, but that was marginal and I ran with AA turned down.
  3. It never used to be
  4. William Wester

    William Wester

    Thanks for the input @Emery. The only problem, Sebring is my favorite :confused: Actually, it used to run pretty good on my GTX 980, no problems. I figured my GTX 1070 would run much better as all of my other sims benefit approximately the same - the same increment of performance. I figured I may be missing an rF2 graphics tweak other Pascal card racers have found.
    As for vSync, I've always run the rF2 "video" sync with my 980. I tried turning off any rF2 sync to try Fast Sync but that doesn't work well. I went back to rF2 video sync as on my 980 it was the only way to rid the tearing.
  5. Before the latest update of this track I never had fps drops on pit straight
  6. Mate a 980 is a beast. I would not change it for a 1070 no way. I would wait for a 1080 price drop
  7. William Wester

    William Wester

    There's two school's of thought - wait for the highest end GPU to drop in price or purchase an incremental upgrade while my current GPU is still worth something. My new GTX 1070 was $410, the net upgrade was $110 (sold 980 for $250, sold 1070 promotion game Gears of War 3 for $50). If I was only running 1080p I wouldn't have upgraded but I'm using an ultrawide @ 3440x1440 - many of my sims couldn't maintain 60FPS with max/ultra settings with the GTX 980. I'm getting approx. 20 FPS more with my new 1070 - $110 for 20 FPS is worth it to me.
  8. now i see. good move