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Mods Particles+ 1.0

Reworked Particle Effects for more oomph!

  1. TemplarGFX submitted a new resource:

    Particles+ - Reworked Particle Effects for more oomph!

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  2. Great stuff, thanks. Looking forward to trying this later.
  3. Hey!

    Great to finally get this mod! :p

    But, in Ultra+ pack from you, I think that Iv got the earlier version of this particle mod from you? And I think that was spot on in Greece and Wales regarding gravel throwing/spray...

    I think this version needs a lot more gravel spray/throwing in every single gravel event (Greece,Wales,Finland).
    I think the dust clouds is very well in Greece and it hangs like a charm! :)

    But I would love to see a bit more dust clouds in Finland to and like in earlier version (Ultra+) in Wales, that dust cloud. I think that was spot on.

    This version regarding the gravel throwing/spray has gone to the original side I think but the other particle effects like grass/bushes/car parts is just spot on for me.

    And for the tyre smoke on asphalt? I think its way to much in this version compared to in real.

    So as I said, hope to see some improvement with the gravel throwing and little more dust clouds in Finland! :)

    Awesome work anyway, and Im so glad for this mod, thanks!
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  4. Yeah this is definately a work in progress. While the old mod just did a blanket increase to all emitters without worrying about what they are, this mod is actually me editing each manually and finding out what they do.

    Its going to take a while to get everything setup just awesome! I know the effects you are speaking of, and I will increase em a bit!
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  5. Just lovely...Will be perfect man! :D
  6. For me, I prefer the new version for Wales and Finland. Wales looks much better and no longer looks like a swarm of flies following the car (dead body in boot???) and I think Finland is spot on for that type of hard, compacted gravel. You wouldn't expect a billowing cloud of Greece proportions in Finland. Have you got the dust clouds in Greece to hang around longer? I've noticed the dust hanging in the air on the bit of track I'd just driven down after hairpins which looks great. Can't say I'd noticed it before this update.
  7. No not dust clouds as in Greece ofc in Finland but in sunny weather its more dust then v1.0 anyway. :)
    I would love to see a little bit more dust there and in Wales, there should be something between this version and how it is in "Ultra+" version.
    In real muddy and wet stages there is some small "dirty clouds" after tye cars so I tought that looked very nice..

    But the gravel throwing and gravel spray should increse a lot.

    But this will be awesome I know it! :)
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  8. Tomas Reinicke

    Tomas Reinicke
    Premium Member

    I like the mod on rally stages but I did a race on Hell in rain and the spray from the cars in front was to much, I couldn't see anything.
    Please tone it down on rallycross in rain if possible
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2016
  9. Hehe, I think it was very realistic in RX, rain and the dust clouds... Look on onboards from RX..They dont see anything... :)
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  10. Does this mod affect framerate at all?
  11. Only very occasionally during replay but not at all during the drive.
  12. GoodOldBakes, are you sure? I tried the Ultra+ particle file, and that gave me huge fps decrease if i crashed or drove in greece, and then backed up in the dust. It Looked amazing though and didnt decrease fps while driving.
  13. Never had FPS problems while driving or even reversing, crashing etc. Only a very limited time during some replay shots.
  14. Agree, never had any FPS drops at all.
  15. This one is quite different to ultra+. That one was almost literally x2 everything.
    Particles+ customises primarily the 3d object particles like rocks and dirt chunks, along with the longer lasting particle effects to make them more likely. Collision effects have been increased dramatically but your crashing so who cares :p
    Most other effects were only increased by 10-20%, mainly by lowering the minimum sliding parameters to trigger the different effects sooner, and at maximum sliding increased particle counts.

    the game has a built in particle manager that only allows a certain amount of particles generated per frame, and I havent included a modded version of this file (locks out online) so it should prevent fps drops with Particles+ during gameplay.

    I would check your graphics config to ensure none of the transparency settings are enabled/set to quality.
  16. Sounds good! i'll be sure to test it out! Yeah, the drop while crashing did not bother me at all.

    I just noticed that my fps went from solid 70 fps, to the low 30s while backing up into the massive dust clouds in greece.

    Good work! i like your stuff, keep it up!
  17. Just wanted to *BUMP* this thread to show my support, really liking the progress and waiting for more.

    I guess it will be a long time before Hardware catches up to producing particles like this:

    Last edited: Jan 23, 2016
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  18. It is photos like this that made me edit the particles in the first place! One day..... one day...
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  19. Any progress on this mod? Just encouraging more, not demanding :)
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  20. Just had a rally in Greece with this mod turned on - it looks great! Much longer lasting dust + definitely more gravel flying around...
    Thx for your efforts Templar. Do you continue work on the mod?
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