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Paint job

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Danni Fugl, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    Im having some trouble with DDS files. the templates is almost done, but for some reason the DDS setings are making me some problems.

    so i was wondering if someone would help by having them sent and save them the right way

    Thanks on advance :D
  2. one more question.

    can you delete some of the layers in the template. like the bull on the red bull car ?
  3. From within the DDS plugin, just make sure you set the correct option from the pulldown menu (DXT5 with Alpha, DXT 1 without alpha, etc.) following the instructions for what it should be per texture type and it should work fine. Remember to look at the alpha channel and make sure it is unique to your car as well otherwise your car will have Red Bull graphics in certain angles in the light.

    As far as the Red Bull graphics go in the actual texture, you can change anything you want in the templates. Technically you could have one layer in there that was just a flat colour. When it saves to DDS, it doesn't recognize any of your PSD layers, it just looks at the final flattened look. If you happen to do that in one layer or 50 layers, you will ge the same final result. The layers just make it easier to work with and edit but what the layers and folders are named, don't matter at all.
  4. This may seem of topic, But are FS-One 09 helmet skins compatible with the FSR mod??
  5. Below is what was posted in a response on the 'Templates and Painting' thread.