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PaceNote Plugin Support - General

Discussion in 'WorkerBees RBR Plugin Support' started by Pete Mull, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Using RSRBR with Pacenote Plugin Installed

    PaceNote Plugin was written to work with the vanilla version of RBR and as such works well with the program. RBR was designed to accept and work with plugins and that is why the plugin works.

    Rallyesim have been given an evaluation copy of the plugin but for some reason (which they have never explained to the developer) Rallyesim have decided to rename all ‘unwanted’ plugins and has categorized the new PaceNote as unwanted yet, is far superior that the current pacenote editor that they include with their RSCenter..

    So, if you want to make full use the PaceNote plugin you need to make representations to Rallyesim to get them to allow the use of this plugin in online sessions – if we don’t lobby them then nothing will change.

    Please make sure you make bakups of the dls files so that you can restore them.
  2. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro

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  3. Will the Pacenote Editor work with BTB Stages?
    According to the Readme it does :), but if so, the method described in the Quickstart guide may need modifying for BTB Stages. You can't save BTB replays and play them later in RBR.
    I assume we could do it by running the replay immediately after driving the Stage?
  4. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    So this can't be used in RSRBR, not even offline?

    Been looking for something like this from some time, sounds great finally to be able to have custom pacenotes instead of just modifing the sounds of the same notes.
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  5. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    I'm really afraid of this! It's not like I'm crazy fast, and now people are getting a good advantage by putting in own pacenotes. Woah! Great tool, though!
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  6. To clarify the RSRBR issue:

    the point is that rsrbr actually renames any unknown or unwanted plugins (DLLs) in the plugins folder to e.g. TrainingDay.no (where no means something like buzz off, excuse my bad french).

    You can use the beast to edit your notes outside rsrbr in a vanilla rbr installation and copy the dls to rsrbr.
    This will work only when sticking to the standard pacenote variant (Rbr.ini) using only the well known, legacy IDs.
    If you would use the Numeric/Extended variant you would only hear the corner and some other calls, but not the 200+ custom notes.
    Cause the pacenote plugin uses its own pacenote callout handler to let rbr play these sounds.

    So, there is no official way to execute the pacenote plugin in rsrbr.
    Therefore we have to lobby at rallysim to get the french allow the use of this plugin in any kind of rally (offline + online!).
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  7. All the testing I'm doing at the moment is offline, making a replay and then running though that and deleting/moving notes using the helicopter view.

    The quick start guide is what it says - it just to get you going with the editor part. There are plans to have a new user manual that contains tutorials on the more complicated side of this plugin - how to make your own custom notes. This involves understanding the folder/file structure of the package and how the .ini files work.

    As far as the BTB stages go then I would experiment a little with those stages, having backed up what you can first and then trying to edit/save notes. I'll do a quick test for you and post back later.
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  8. Does it's work with Czech plugin?
  9. Yep.
  10. Question about sounds samples. What setup it's need I mean Hz and bit rating?
    Any way great another program!
  11. The sound files were intended to be used in the standard setup of RBR so they should work in
    a standard installation of RBR (there is a seperate thread dealing with sounds)
  12. Version 1.1 of the plugin is available:

    RBR Pacenote Plugin 1.1

    This one lets you load pacenotes from a BTB format ini file.
    Details see readme.
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  13. You've certainly taken care of everything, WB. When I first read about the BTB format ini feature I must admit I had my concerns about Start, Splits, Finish Line and End of Track and if they remained intact after loading external pacenotes... but of course they did. Why I had any doubts in the first place, is just unbelievable. :)
  14. Strange I write post about similar, as yours program (from poland), but now I don't see them... Ok I repeat it:
    They make some additional pacenote reader "WRSMP CODRIVER PRO" (you can find it in polish rbr fans site: http://e-rajdy.p) and it have additional function - breack sound. Would be great, if you add this "addon" in yours program to.
    what you think about it?
  15. I had a look at this, maybe i missed something in the google translation but i can't see anything that this plugin doesn't already cover.
  16. WorkerBee's PaceNote Plugin will handle different language calls and will also allow custom notes such a Brake and Handbrake.
    These features are available in all releases of the Plugin but you need to provide the sounds in your language in .ogg file format and then alter
    the appropriate .ini files to allow you to use your custom notes in RBR.

    We are currently in the process of writing another manual to cover the topics of custom notes and adapting the software to meet
    individual needs such a special calls and different language sounds.
  17. If I get you right, this is a simple program with which it is very difficult to edit or add new pacenotes.

    So, what does the "PRO" stand for ?

    'bout the brake thingy: actually I would fire my mechanics if the brakes of my car would make any noise.
    RBR already has tyre skid sounds ect. built in, so anybody should hear when there is some braking going on.

    Uncle G.
  18. yes offcourse sounds is hears and in s2000 so much, you can find onboard by Procop. For me this sound is important... Later I find video for preview