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pace car problems

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by dmc67, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. everythin else seems to be working fine but when i go to do the pace lap pace car makes it around 1st corner and just stops and starts spinning it's tires. any idea what i could be doing wrong i have read and watched video tutorials over and over
  2. Have you set the aiw paths and made sure they are on top of the track?
  3. I have set the aiw path's and everything but what view do I use to move the nodes up and down? and is their any key I have to push on keyboard to get the Nodes to move up and down when i go to race some of the fast line dark spots are missin is this why b/c the ai path is going up and down in BTB where i moved the nodes around?

    I hope that makrs since.
  4. I don't believe you can move them up and down.

    You could try adding more nodes to the path in the problem areas. [Insert Nodes by holding Control when clicking on the line]. Maybe BTB gets the height calculations a bit off if they're further apart, so the dark fast line goes under the track in places and the pace car goes above enough to spin it's wheels in others? Just a thought.
  5. well i finally got the pace car to work on this track but now we dont even get a green flag in race mode.