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Overall Thoughts On F1 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Zyklon, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. I've been holding out to buy 2012 due to the unsatisfactory amount of bugs/issues from the previous releases, though some of the modders here did a great job ironing out what they could and made them more enjoyable. Six patches out already with 2012 and now people are getting drops in frame rates.

    Everything considered; what are your overall thoughts on the game? And what are your issues (if any) with the game?

    Keep it brief. Thanks.
  2. A buggy mess. I'm done with Codemasters F1 games.

    Brief enough for you? :p
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  3. Well it's a mixed bag, as per usual.

    The AI and the handling model are significant steps forward. The menus look nice, and in general I think the career mode is more fun even if it feels a little more basic. Graphically there's an improvement, particularly in the dynamic lighting which is superb.

    Pretty much everything else is a step backwards. They've stripped out a lot of content for some reason (FP1 and FP2, grand prix mode for a season, reducing multiplayer options so you can't do a series, no tyre scaling etc). The weather system is a complete mess.
  4. the ai is improved, and as misty said the handling is improved.

    The bugs that annoyed me in the beginning are fixed.

    i cant really think of any bugs or annoyances that i have with the game, the fp2 and fp3 dont bother me, the tyre scaling does make racing on anything less than 100% less interesting since all the races are turned into one stoppers though
  5. Buy it...U will not regret it.
    one word...AWESOME:D
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  6. I can shrug off a few stuff like the 3 practice sessions, grand prix mode and tyre scaling (scaling is less intuitive I say) (Sim gods, do not hate meeeeee!)

    Patching? It's refreshing. I've played BF3 since October 25 2011, and the bugs require 4 months to fix, with new bugs requiring 4 months again...

    I'd take a constantly patching game than a stagnating game anytime.

    Is it worth forking over 25$ more via Steam on the day itself because I was too adamant that the game is awesome EVEN AFTER PLAYING THAT LOUSY DEMO? Totally worth it. I regret nothing.

    Oh, and I felt like a good guy to buy original this season because I pirated 2011 (2011 was the start of my Formula 1 hobby in general Vettel + Monaco!), enjoyed half of it (real races) and I am keeping up with the 2012 races, I haven't missed one race yet!
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  7. Totally worth it. Best game in the series. Of course it has its flaws but overall it's super fun to play.
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  8. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Completely agree!
    I think CM are doing a great job with the patching.
    Luckily for us PC players it's on steam so they can get the patches out ASAP, where as console players have to wait, and you know what? I couldn't care less about console players, (i dont hate console players because they have a console) but, its about dam time PC players got something good out of a console ported game!
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  9. Guess how we help console gamers?

    One big patch that will fix alot in one swoop. I am perfectly fine with being guinea pigs, no game is perfectly bug free in the current industry.

    Don't diss the consoles too much, Codies did a great help to the sim community by providing a smoother curve towards going sim racing. I haven't even touched rFactor again, because I'm too dumb to set it up. :p
  10. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    And in response to the OP.

    The game will be amazing... once it's finished being patched.
    I've stopped playing it until they release patch #7, hoping this fixes the frame rate issues that Patch #6 has plagued my game (and hundreds of other players) with for no apparent reason.

    But prior to patch #6 the gameplay is amazing, once you get to be a good driver, its the most immersive experience of a racing game ive ever played.

    I do recommend getting it if you havent already.

    EDIT: And another reason to get it: the modding community on here is second to none, and makes this game ten fold better. Really can't thank all the modders enough for their work.
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  11. What is a console?
  12. Consoles are what the young whipper snappers be playin' their HAYLOW and Cowadoody with them fangled controllermagigs.

    Racin' be done on steering wheels, feels right.
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  13. A physical device to operate a Computer. Every PC has one :D
  14. Yeah lol I was joking. Being stupid...
  15. I have played the whole series and this is a huge improvement. A bit buggy but very good fun
  16. Welp... Patch #7 is already out. That's cool that updates are coming much more frequent, but CM really should have had most of the basic issues resolved before the damn release. Nonetheless, it's an improvement.

    I've downloaded all the major mods already, and I'm now a bit anxious to play. If they can resolve the 5-10 frame rate drop, I'll go ahead and purchase the damn game.

    Question: I use the typical Logitech DF Pro. Do any of you have a high end Thrustmaster or Fanatec setup? And is the difference significant enough on a game like this? I've heard it doesn't matter unless you're playing a real sim like Assetto Corsa, rFactor2 etc.
  17. It does, anything better than a Logitech does have a difference.

    Problem is, how much money are you willing to fork out? Those games aren't necessarily going to give you 4x the enjoyment from 4x the price difference of a G27. It's simply diminishing returns.
  18. I've played with a G27 setup, and it sure destroys my pile of **** - especially in the pedals. I don't know... That Fanatec F1 wheel quick release setup with the ClubSport pedals are lookin' mighty nice. I might just be stupid and say "**** it" and buy it. I plan on getting Assetto Corsa and rFactor2 anyway. Balls to the wall, man. :thumbsup:
  19. In F1 by Codemasters....

    Logi DFGT - 120 Euros, very playable
    Logi G27 - 240 Euros, feels quite weak, center deadzone issue
    Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500 - 440 Euros, no idea, is the middle ground of casual sim and serious sim
    Full Clubsport F1 set - 880 Euros, no idea, probably cheapest serious-tier wheel

    The trend here is that every wheel goes twice the price of the previous ones (According to Amazon.de), now, how would you value a DFGT vs a full Clubsport set? Is the enjoyment 7x to match the 7x price?

    Wallet is your ultimate deciding factor. Win the lottery, steal from the bank, or better yet, since you're not gonna use the clutch, sell your leg.
  20. I can afford it. It's just that I haven't dived in too deep with sim racing but playing rFactor2 (beta) and GTR 2 is pretty fun and got to grips with it fairly quick. If I had a good rig I'd likely be playing everyday. The price is steep but it's a top quality product. It'll last a long time. The force feedback on my DFP is set to 150% and I have a thick bungee cable running around my pedals - it still feels like a toy.