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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by iammx, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Ok, I've been plagued by this problem from day one and still no closer to figuring out why. Does anyone know why in most races there will be cars that pit more than they need to? It throws up the most stupidly unrealistic results. Every race there will be between one and four drivers from the top teams (McLaren, Red Bull, Ferarri etc.) ending up between 15th and last just because they make more pitstops than they need to. Why the hell does this happen?

    I've even edited the tyre distances in the database file by increasing the distance all compounds (except Inter and Monsoon) can run by 20 and it still happens. Say a 30% race of Bahrain is 15 laps, the Primes can go 12 laps distance and the Options 6 laps. Obviously they have to run each compound at least once but even the most simple minded person can see you don't need to make more than the one mandatory pitstop, so why does this happen every race? It completely ruins the game for me. :mad:
  2. maybe it is a fuel issue?
  3. What do you mean by fuel? Obviously there's no refueling so it can't be anything to do with that. It's just totally unexplained. :\
  4. I've had something like that happening yesterday when driving in Canada.The Race started dry and as the race was progressing, it was more and more rain so i choose to stay out and wait how wet i would become.After 4 Laps it was wet enough for intermediates but all the KI Drivers changed their tyres to Slicks (option or prime) for no reason.So i choose to get on "inters" at the same time all others would change, and see they needed another pitstop that i didn't need to get on wet tyres.To me totally stupid KI models sometimes.
  5. I get it every race, no matter what the weather does. Even in an all dry race. It's ridiculous.
  6. Its because some drivers on are the Bridgestones, others are on the Pirelli tryes. (Joke BTW)
  7. What are you talking about? There was only one tyre manufacturer in 2010.
  8. It was a little joke lol
  9. Poor trollsmanship.

    I tried bumping up the tyre distances again and it's still happening. 30% race at Bahrain, 15 laps. Options can go 7 laps and Primes can go 15 laps, yet AI drivers still pit more than once. Vettel finished 12th after starting 2nd.

    Just the most retarded racing game ever made.
  10. I didn't came trought that problem on the XBox.
  11. I got it on Xbox and even with a clean install of PC version so you probably haven't noticed it.


    There must be some way around it? This game is 6 months old and I'm still yet to complete a realistic satisfactory season.

    This is the worst bug in the game IMO and it's never going to be fixed. Codies are an absolute laughing stock these days.
  12. Yes I've noticed this too on PS3. And dammit it always seems to be my teammate no matter what team I'm on. Also it seems some cars don't pit at all. There's no way Glock should score points.
  13. yes once in my first race for force india, i came first, then my team mate. And third was Senna
  14. Pretty sure the cars not pitting bug has been fixed in the patch. This is just as bad though. The game is just a joke tbh, Codies don't deserve the license for a second year after the crap they put out with this game and the non-existent support. Couldn't get enough community interaction before the game's release, then as soon as it's out and they have everyone's money - nothing. They must have an office of monkeys developing their games these days. The modding community has done more in the way of making this game playable than the people that supposedly 'developed' it.
  15. Yes indeed really sad thing happened yesterday again in Hockenheim, where Hamilton Rosberg and Schumacher went to the pits 2 times on a 13 laps race.The biggest joke ever!
  16. It's amazing how few have noticed this compared to the cars not pitting bug. It's just as bad, but with so few people that seem bothered about it and flagging it up to Codemasters, I bet it will end up in 2011. A joke.
  17. i was thinking it could be they took some damage to the front wing or tire puncture.
  18. Possible, but not likely it would happen every race. Punctures were all but removed with the patch. Just lazy-ass devs that don't bother to test their game, that's the honest answer.
  19. On some races Rob the Engineer tells me that my team mate is on the pits, and then later on he will say it again. Don't know why they pit twice, could be down to losing a wing or something, it's pretty weird though.
  20. This can happen to me too, but its mostly because some drivers simply do not pit.

    They were supposed to fix the whole issue, where some drivers would not pit during the race, meaning drivers like Kovalainen, Buemi, Sutil etc. would end up in high grid positions, and drivers like Alonso and Hamilton would be down in 15th 16th or worse.

    I have not experienced drivers over pitting, however in some tracks the AI can be pretty stupid, specially when passing backmarkers, or in certain corners, Catalunya seems to be a culprit for this, and Monaco, so this may be the reason why some drivers make extra pit stops, and with some drivers not pitting at all, it makes for an odd race.