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Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by daytona64, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. This looks like an interesting development.


    There appears to be a claim on the official forum that the Out-Of-Sight bug is fixed and a functional mod including later braking tracks made by FormulaRacer1988

    I haven't had a chance to test. Here is link;

    If anyone has a chance to evaluate and report back please do so here.

    I would be keen to hear from zlep in particular who is our resident out-of-sight testing expert.
  2. write a game work I do test in Valencia
  3. mydriaz


    Thank you for this mod with Out of sight bug really fixed.
    I'll test it right now.
  4. this guy has copied my fix .........................................................................
  5. I thought you said you only managed to 50% part fix the Out of sight bug?
    Has this guy done 100% or is it not really fixed?
    What exactly did he do to fix it?

    It looks like he has had a stab at changing the braking points at;
    Brazil, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Australia, Monaco, Canada, China

    How far is your next fix away?
  6. His fix = my fix. It's completely the same. I'm now thinking of stop working on it. He obviously wants to finish my work - why shouldn't I let him? :)
  7. But is it completely fixed. You last said it was 50% fixed?
  8. No, it's not. It is there but it's very little. And different for every track. You may not have it for 1 track but you may have even 0,5 secs difference on another.. :/
  9. He hasn't even credited you so screw this guy. Don't let him have the fame of stealing your work! I know it is a lot of hassle (and probably not helpful) to contact him over PM on the CM forums but you shouldn't let him get away with it.

    If he agrees to credit you (and apologizes for stealing!) then I guess it's OK if he wants to help with the mod.

    side note: this is his sig
    how have CM not banned him yet?:p
  10. I don't wanna embarrasse myself like this. I don't even have reg in CM forum. From now on - he can do whatever he wants. I see that he's stolen only my out of sight bug fix. His overtaking and etc settings aren't good so he hasn't done anything that big.. He just copied something and did another stupid thing and now he thinks he's a pro... I don't even know why I get mad.....
  11. Kristiann, all we want is a fix. We should evaluate his mod whilst we wait for your final solution.
  12. This update looks pretty good. Out of Sight bug is either not there or is so tiny it is un-noticeable.

    How did the guy improve the AI at the start. There definitely appears to be an improvement. IS this something to do with the "GATEWAYS" or lines set for the start sequence and if so, where would it be changed in the data file set?
  13. hi guys,

    I try the mod yesterday whit my son as a LAN connection. We qualify a melbourne first an second.
    Fisrt 1.21.975 and second 1.22.076, the rest of the AI 1.22.8....... . (with no aids)

    So in qualification, not good for us, and in race we do not see comp├ętition, although after 2 laps with 20 second ahead, we voluntarily let us exceed AI.
    my first impression
    The brake is called zone seem to be much better.

    The bug sight is reduced , but it lacks most of the speed in general (2 second slower than us).
    The AI start are much better

  14. jbblosse, you are very good - I am doing 1:25 in Australia, so, I still get a good challenge in the game. I use vanilla set ups and leave default settings including wings on standard "adaptable" settings. Maybe you need to run with a poor set up or if you use your own setups try the defaults so you can have some good racing again.

    This mod speeds up AI on the tracks by a couple of seconds.
  15. I have to agree. This mod speeds the AI up to a nice challenge whilst improving braking and aggression and somehow the starts are much better! The out of sight is so small its as good as gone.
  16. It's definitely the best AI-mod I've seen for F12011. It really improves the behavior and speed of the AI. Good work of the creator!
  17. hi,

    For my qualifying time, I impressed myself.
    The performance with LAN connection does not reflect any responses received in career mode.

    This is perhaps the bug that gives AMATEUR level when you are playing in LAN mode or online?

    Don't give up,

  18. The first two corners of each track do have a sperate modifier. It's no problem to adjust the speed of the AI at the start. You can make them fly through the first 2 corners, but you have to be careful, cause the back markers then fly of the track.
  19. btw. out of sight bug is still not perfectly fixed. I know how kristiann's fix works. it's a good but unfortunately not a perfect solution. but i think it's the best we can get for 2011. maybe 2012 is not such a garbage.
  20. Hi - could you give an example as to where I would modify this, or if you know of 'safe' values to use that increases start speed, and keeps everyone on the track?