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Misc OSD Mod 1.2.1

this mod gives you several different options for your OSD to be displayed

  1. ParkYongLee submitted a new resource:

    OSD Mod - this mod gives you several different options for your OSD to be displayed

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    Installation instruction
    Copy the asset_groups folder of your personal choice into the main directory of F1 2015 (where you see an already existing asset_groups folder) and replace/overwrite the folder and files.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2015
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  2. Thgank you, I will try this mod out. Especially love the no start lights.
  3. how do you make this mod work, do i need to move the folder somewhere or what?
  4. Yes, ofcourse you need to copy the asset_groups folder of your choice into the main directory of F1 2015 (where you see an already existing asset_groups folder which needs to be overwritten).
    Hope, it's clear now.
  5. thanks mate
  6. my game now keeps on crashing; i put the f1 2014 and 15 ui folders that you made to replace the original ones; did i do it wrong? will i be able to fix it? and if it is working, will i still be able to play online? sorry, but this is the first time ive modded this game, and i need some help
  7. I had no crashes during my testphase (well, some people have crashes in general, I don't).
    • Which version did you install?
    • Did you try different versions?
    • What season do you play? (2014 or 2015)
    • Did you try both seasons?
    • Have you correctly installed the mod as written in the opening post? (just copy & overwrite)?
    • Which gamemode did you play (quick race, pro season, championship, time trial, online)?
    I see, I have forgotten to put a backup in the folder (what I usually do), if nothing's working for you, you can verify your game data via steam, it will replace all modded files with vanilla files.
    I don't know if you can play online with this, did not test as I never play online.

    Please answer my questions so I can check whether I can reproduce this issue and so might be able to help you, thanks.
  8. im not sure which version, just 1.0 if thats what you mean, i just clicked download this mod. i didnt know if there was any other versions anyway. thegame would always crash as soon as i started it, so i didnt play any specific gamemode, and i havent tried any of the seasons. as for installing it correctly, im not entirely sure but i think so
  9. With versions I mean there are different version in this mod, different options, I mean.
    You have to choose from one folder like
    A-2 - No Starting Lights - No Pos Gap Table > Transparency > asset_groups
    and that one asset_groups folder needs to be copied into the main F1 2015 directory and confirmed all the folder and file replacements.
  10. yes, but i think i may have put it in the wrong place somehow, but im not sure. in fact, i think ive screwed it up in some way so bad that im gonna have to reinstall. not sure how. but im validating the files now. right now im so clueless and ive even got my brother to try and help me. he says ive broken it somehow and its gonna have to be a reinstall. im so clueless right now.
  11. no need for reinstall, when things went wrong, steam will check and repair it via the verfiy =)
  12. done, yet its still not working :-/
  13. You can remove this ridiculous white circle on the steering wheel
  14. Well, the circle isn't white, it's the background around it that is black.
    I can remove the background but then ... there is only white left.

    I can remove the whole LCD display ... but the white will always be there.
  15. Fantastic mod. Is it possible to remove the lap number top right of screen? Cannot believe CM didn't give the option.
  16. Uhm, I thought this was an option already existing ingame, lol (I didn't even look for it).
    If not, then, yes ofc I can remove it. WIll do that in 10 hours when I'm back home.

    E: But I want to avoid to have too many versions/options to choose from. Where to put it into? No tables or only no Gap Table (but fastest lap remaining) or do you want it to be as a separate version (with tables, without gap table, without tables)?

  17. Yeah in the game when you switch lap times off in osd menu it keeps lap number while removing lap time only.

    I would love the vanilla osd with lap number (top right screen) removed, position number (top left of screen) removed and starting lights removed. Thank you so much!!!
  18. Haha, there is lap times off ... I really need to check the ingame menu again, what does what :D
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  19. Woops, seems like I had miscopied some files into some wrong folders last time (like no starting lights having always also no messages ...). I will check every single version now again.
    Mea culpa, am already at fixing while I had made the requested changes. Please bear with me ;-)
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  20. ParkYongLee updated OSD Mod with a new update entry:

    fixed wrong copied files and added requested option

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